Swag Deadlines

I'm placing an order with our sponsors for swag on Monday, August 8th.  Teams who haven't registred, or at least confirmed attendance by that time will still be able to register later, but are not guaranteed all the swag!  I'll likely over-order a bit, and teams registered/confirmed after the 8th will get swag in order of when they sign up, until its gone. 

Long story short - if you're planning to race and haven't registered or signed up - kindly send me an email and let me know the details (team size mainly) so i can get a better idea of our numbers.  Cheers everyone!

Also, we've still got a number of packrafts or other watercraft available for rent if teams want this option.  Can be reserved on a first come first served basis.  Alpacka scouts are $30 each, and we've got a couple of other options as well, so inquire if interested.

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