A tale of two Championships

The sport of AR is a bit splintered at the moment, as evident by the fact that there are two 'national championship' races being held this year, a mere two weeks apart.  The first, USARA's, took place last weekend and was won in a very exciting fashion by the midwest's own WEDALI (we eat dust and like it).  Congrats guys.  Interestingly enough, WEDALI is also one of the only teams that competed in the USARA race that is also headed out to Moab, UT the weekend after next for Checkpoint Tracker's race - an impressive attempt to silence any remaining skeptics as to whether or not they deserve their position on top of the AR heap.  They already lead the series with a perfect 500 points, so this will be a crowning achievement indeed if they pull it off.  Good luck guys!

The race promises to be a good one with a strong field trying to keep them from ending an essentially flawless season of racing with one final win.  I'll be out there racing with team Yogaslacker's who have also had their first real taste of victory this year with a handful of wins and good finishes in tough races.  Hope i can keep up.  You can check out the action at the CPtracker website come race day (Oct 29th).

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