Three days out Iceman update

2011 iceman ski and run routes

Woo hoo!  The ski and run course are now flagged (thanks Max!).  If you're out pre-running anything and see sections where the surveyors tape has come down of think that we need to have more marking - please email me at and let me know.  keep in mind however that in addition to course marking there will also be volunteers at key points on the course.  Here are a few things to keep in mind on race day -

If you're on an obvious trail (ie greenway bike path, groomed ski trail) there may not be flags/markers every 50 feet.  we tried to mark so that you could always see one additional flag when you arrived at one, but this may depend on how good your eyes are as well.

2011 iceman bike route

Anytime you see a 'chute' you always go through it.

Each leg has a lollipop at the furthest point from the transition. when you are on your way 'out' you will always continue straight beyond any fork where you see markers in two directions.  the markers that seem to lead off to the side are leading you back into the trail you're now on after the lollipop.  this means the ski and run lollipops are done counterclockwise and the bike one is done clockwise.

There is some ice on the run - on the dike, some patches on the bike path, and a few sections on the snow-mobile trail.

bamboo with orange tape
small neon flag
iceman orange flag

Course markings are primarily colored flags with ICEMAN written on them.  ORANGE indicates the ski course, RED the bike, and YELLOW the run.  For the ski two different types of orange (neon and regular) were used, as well as orange tape tied to bamboo sticks.  All three types of marking you'll see for the ski are shown below.  Flags are in several sizes.

Finally, we had our first complete running of the course today - Robert T. went out and gave it a good effort, coming in at just over 2 hours, including about 5 minutes of transition time.  He reports back that the snow-mobile trail is in top shape and reminds everyone that there is a reason that helmets are required during the 'official' running of the race....

Robert after his trial run - notice the strawberry on his head from his helmet-less spill on the bike.  Ouch.

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