Trail crew needed.......

This is a general shout-out to anyone interested in doing trail work at Turtle River State Park this weekend.  This will be the first of two to three days (not in a row) of work that needs to be done to finish the loop for END-TOMBED (coming up October 29th).

If you are attending please email and say who you are and what you're bringing so we can get an accurate count.

- Sunday, September 18th
- 1:30-4:30 PM at Turtle River State Park

Directions to site:
- Enter TRSP, stop at ranger station to get $5 vehicle pass if you don't have one (free entry pending, we're asking)
- Take first right after ranger station.
- Continue north until you pass second bridge; park in lot to the right.

What to bring (if you have it):
- Long pants/long-sleeved shirt (stinging nettles and bugs are possible)
- Closed-toe shoes
- Shovels
- Rakes (leaf and rock)
- Weed-whackers or machetes for soft stuff
- Handsaws for woody debris.  There may be one tree still in place, so a chainsaw or cordless power saw might be useful.
- Other implements of construction if you think they will be useful. 
- Your mountain bike!

We will be more clearing brush than benching trail, so please don't bring a bulldozer or anything like that.  This is (for the moment) a temporary trail to be used for the END-TOMBED, however we plan to construct it to be as sustainable as possible in hopes that it can become a permanent part of the park.

We're looking into getting some pizza delivered for volunteers at some point as well.

One or two other trail days will include constructing a temporary bridge (for the race) across the Turtle River (at the end of the new trail) and clearing out brush on the other side of the river.

There she is, in all her glory - the END-TOMBED trail (KMZ).  Be afraid, be very afraid......


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