Two More Races in 2016

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2016 is waiting for you.

Hello ENDracers,
All registrations are open, but we also have two more races to put on your calendars:
We have decided to put the Iceman Triathlon on hold for 2016.  The timing of the race isn’t great for our crew this year but it won’t be gone forever.  Instead of the Iceman, we are going to partner with the Northern Star Cycling Club to put on the Bikecicle fatbike race on Sunday, February 21. This will be a 15-20 mile race depending on how much snow we get and the route we can put together.
This year’s END-SPAR (spring primer adventure race) will be held May 7, 2016.  The location isn’t confirmed yet (likely Turtle River State Park), but it will be close to Grand Forks again.  This year’s race will be a 6-hour race, so hoping to attract a few more new teams to give the sport a try. 
We are still trying to put together END-AR (our flagship adventure race) in late summer or fall, but no date or additional details are known yet.
As always, if you have questions please ask. 
ENDracing team