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August 2010

I'll be doing an interview with Kerri Drees on 97 Kyck tomorrow at 12:10 pm.  There may be an opportunity for callers - i'm not sure.

After5 - the local GF entertainment magazine (free at various locations around town) had us on the cover (above) for August and the editor, Jordan Meyer wrote a great little piece about the event (scroll to the last page to read).  He heard about the race when covering the winter triathlon back in February and has been getting in shape with the aim of completing the upcoming race ever since - and for someone who has never adventure raced before he seems to have a pretty good idea of what to expect!

Lastly, look for a welcome to racers to start appearing on the digital billboard at the corner of Demers and Washington come August 30th, courtesy of the GF visitors bureau.

In a final note - i lost my cell phone while GPSing (we should all start using this word so it will be in the dictionary soon - how many other words do you know that turn an acroynym into a verb?  RSVPing perhaps?) the packraft section of the course and as such will probably never find it again.  Though i have to say that if anyone does find it on race day they can expect a fairly sizeable time credit.  I'm going to try and get a new phone today or tomorrow, in the meantime you can call my wife's number if you need to get a hold of me, and i'll call you back when i can.  701-330-1639 (Tammy).

Most private property permissions have been secured, although there is the possibility of one dispute which we're working on.  I implore all of you, when you're rich and own lots of property, to at least hear the requests of people who take the time to ask for permission to use your land.  And if you don't want to let them use it fine - just say so without making excuses like 'there's too much liability' (there's not - we'll have a 1 million dollar insurance policy for the race) of 'there's too much wildlife' (which the owner is going to go and shoot at later i'm sure).  Ok. sorry for the brief rant - cheers everyone.



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