Woop Woop Walhalla! (racer feedback requested!)

The city of Walhalla, host of END-AR24, has just announced their formal support of the race!  Kathy S., director of city economic development, says that the town will be manning one of the checkpoints and providing refreshments to racers as they pass through.  She's asked me what sort of refreshments they should provide and in thinking of how to answer i realized that hey, I'm not the one racing!  So i figured that i ought to hear from the racers as to what they might like to see at the precious few manned checkpoints (what doesn't get consumed as racers pass through the first manned checkpoint will likely appear at later checkpoints) they will encounter as they tackle the "toughtest race in North Dakota"

I need to get back to Kathy by the end of the month, so if you want to a voice in the decision, don't hesitate!  Registered racers or those planning to register should comment on this post with your favorite race food/drink that you think might help get you through your low point, that might just be a game changer for your or your team.  Cheers!


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