The End of END-SURE?

March 16, 2013, the inaugural END-SURE began at the West Trailhead of the North Country Trail on the Sheyenne National Grasslands. I participated in the 50k distance (only option) with a starting temperature of -10 degrees F. Following a track made by a snowmobile I traversed 25 miles before I was gingerly taken from the final checkpoint on a snowmobile. Officially a DNF. I was cold to the core, but satisfied with my effort.


On March 29, 2014, I doubled the distance starting and finishing at the Sheyenne Oaks Horse Camp and RV Park. Andy and Grant waited a long time in the darkness to see the glow of my headlamp in the distance. A campfire, a couple of hot bratwursts, and congratulatory words helped numb the pain exuding from my blistered feet. 


Since that time I have been involved both as co-director and solo director of the event. Distances of 25k and 100 miles were added. March weather has provided balmy, as well as brutal conditions. Routes have been adapted and adjusted to the realities of the surface conditions. Volunteers have driven vans, grilled food, endured the cold, built campfires, searched for off course participants, and been vital to the event. There has been nothing predictable about END-SURE other than adventurous participants!


This will be my final year of directing. Many circumstances in life, both professional and personal, have provided fodder for introspection. I have enjoyed the planning, the people, the hospitality, and the sense of community. The emotional and physical energies expended while gratifying, no longer counterbalance the effort to provide the event I envision. Simply stated, the fun factor has faded. What will happen to END-SURE? I am not sure. Unless a person or group of people express interest in assuming leadership, it will end. Everything, every person, every event has a life cycle. Changes are made. Traditions and participants ebb and flow. END-SURE is an organic, enlivening, and adaptive experience which has served a purpose. 

Thanks to all of you for years of connections in conditions which mirror our lives! In my perspective life is an ultra experience. 


Halloween Double Feature 2021 is Happening!

We're excited to announce that Halloween Double Feature 2021 is happening! The website ( has basic information, updated course book forthcoming.

Yes, we're late getting this announced...but the race is also a week later. Sign up and put November 6-7 on your calendar. Plan for an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night!

There's a Facebook event ( where you can prepare and ask questions, or give us a shout on Twitter (, Mastodon ( or email

See you all soon,

ENDracing Crew

P.S. Tim just put on another great (wet) edition of END-CHIP yesterday, we have some photos on Facebook.

ENDracing News April 2021

Hello ENDracers! Here's some 2021 info.

- Volunteer paddlers needed for END-WET
- Volunteers needed for Wilderman
- END-TICK registration is open!
- END-WET registration is open!
- Wilderman registration is open!
- A plug for first aid/CPR training
- Other races down the line...

**Volunteer Paddlers Needed**
END-WET 36-mile swim (Grand Forks, ND) is in two months (June 19), so we're looking for folks to be support paddlers for swimmers from out of town. We can provide you with a canoe or kayak if needed. More information on the volunteer signup form at We pay $150 per support boat (plus post-race dinner, if that's the sort of thing you're in for). This race absolutely could not happen without the kind of community support that we've seen for almost ten years, so thank you for considering.

If you have a motorboat, we're interested in talking to you about helping support the race in a different way. Please let us know on the volunteer form.

**Volunteers Needed for Wilderman**
If paddling isn't your thing, maybe a weekend (July 17-18) in beautiful Walhalla, ND is more attractive. We're always looking for folks who want to hang out on gravel roads, trails, or deep in the Pembina Gorge to support aid stations for the Wilderman offroad iron-distance triathlon. More information on the volunteer signup form at You don't need to come for the whole weekend.

If you have an amateur (ham) radio license or know someone who does, we (well, Beek anyway) are interested in talking to you about improving communication during the race. Please let us know on the volunteer form.

**END-TICK Registration is Open!**
Join Tim Bauer for some gravel goodness in Lake Park, MN on June 5. Ride your bike 55, 105, or 205 km. If you want more details (like what those distances are in miles), check out the website:

**END-WET Registration is Open**
People seem to be itching to get back in the water, because we have 20 folks signed up for END-WET 36-mile swim on June 19. Where did we find 36 miles to swim around here? In the beautiful Red River of the North! Race details and registration at

**Wilderman Offroad Iron-Distance Triathlon Registration is Open**
Start the race on July 17th, finish sometime before noon on the 18th, have a lot of Type III fun in the middle. West of Walhalla, ND in the Pembina Gorge, Wilderman is a great way to challenge yourself when Ironman gets boring. Race details and registration at

**First Aid and CPR Training is Important (especially if you never went to med school)**
We've been at this ENDracing thing a long time now, and seen so many people do big things. This story about Erik Sanders is a must-read if you like to "go hard" in the outdoors, and really underscores the importance of first aid/CPR training. He's with us today because of the luck of being surrounded by medical professionals, but these rare events can happen anywhere.

Erik is a University of North Dakota alumnus and ENDracing friend who got his adventure racing start right here in Grand Forks, North Dakota and has been doing hard things all over the world ever since.

**Other Races Down the Line...**
We expect to have the following races opened up later this year:
- Extreme North Dakota SFall Adventure Race, September 2021:
- END-TICK Gravel Race, October 2021:
- ENDracing Double Feature, October 2021:

Hope the spring is treating you well, and hope to see you racing or volunteering soon!

--ENDracing Crew