Due to the ongoing response to the Coronavirus pandemic many group events have been cancelled, notably END-SURE and more recently END-TICK. As a response to this reality I have seen “virtual” events being promoted. As the season is becoming favorable (on the northern plains) to biking, I want to share this “virtual” event to in some way provide fun, outdoor activity, and continue the ENDracing community.

Introducing; END-COVID-19      Extreme North Dakota - Commit Oneself to Voluntary Independent Distances

OK, so where does the “19” come into this? Keep reading! 

This virtual event covers 6 weeks of time: April 26 - June 6. (June 6 was the scheduled date for END-TICK) Each week a person should ride a segment of 19 miles. (6x19=114 miles) The reason is to maintain regular activity. However, if you want to ride 114 miles at one time, great! You have completed the desired distance. If you have a ride of 25 miles, you get credit for 1 segment. Think 19 mile segments. (19, 38, 57, 76, 95, 114).

Quirky….U BETCHA! This is meant to provide a bit of lighthearted fun in the midst of the change surrounding us.

All of this is accomplished on the honor system. Signing up is voluntary. Riding and reporting distances is voluntary. Pictures, routes, descriptions, great places to ride, etc are welcomed and will be shared on the ENDracing Facebook site. A spreadsheet of people, distances, etc will be posted on the Facebook site on a regular basis. I am not keeping track of time on your bike. This is an opportunity to get outside, ride miles on gravel, dirt, trail (minimize time on pavement), see new things, enjoy the freedom of riding a bike, and have solitary time to reflect upon whatever you may want. Also, if you cannot get outside during this time, miles indoors (Zwift, Peleton, etc) are acceptable. Keep this in mind: social distancing! My motto during these times: “Solo or no go!” If you cannot or will not ride alone, keep a significant distance between riders. AND….you are responsible for you!!!

Register by sending the following information to me: Tim Bauer at            timber054@gmail.com

  •        Name
  •        Location
  •        Tire Size (regular…..40-45mm) (double…..2”-3”) (mega….3.8”+) Sounds like toilet paper rolls? YUP!

Scott Jensen (Grand Forks ND) and I (Moorhead MN) are coordinating this virtual event. We are doing this voluntarily.

This is a FREE virtual event! Yup…..free. No fees and no donations/offerings. (This is extremely difficult for an attorney and a pastoral care provider to understand.)

At the conclusion of the event a drawing will be held to provide prizes. When you register and complete your initial 19 mile segment, you get entered into the drawing. When you complete 114 miles you get another entry into the drawing. So, you get a minimum of 1 entry and a maximum of 2 entries in the drawing. All decisions are final. With Scott being an attorney and being more law oriented than a grace oriented pastor, Scott’s decisions are final. Do not argue with him or you will be billed!

Prizes are still being formulated. However, major prizes will be from local businesses in whatever way possible. Minor prizes may be assorted Hammer gels and/or a ziptop bag of Heed! If you are a lucky winner, I will contact you in order to get information for sending your prize.

Powerful Initials - END-TICK Cancellation

It is interesting how acronyms impact our lives. They can be time saving and fun (lmao, fwiw, tmi) or embarrassing (DNS, DNF in sporting events) and even frightening (COVID-19). Acronyms are symbolic shorthand which express layers of meaning. The events of ENDracing often consist of fun acronyms (SURE, WET, TOMBED), yet what is important to the directors of ENDracing events are people. We want people to push perceived personal limits. We want to provide hospitality and a feeling of community. Encircling all of this we want to provide an environment which maintains safety while minimizing apparent dangers. In assessing sources of reliable information both scientific and medical, I along with my ENDracing colleagues made the decision to cancel END-TICK for 2020.

I often feel invincible in the midst of this pandemic. I haven't been ill in years, maybe decades. Runny nose, feeling a bit blah occasionally in the past, but nothing that stopped me from daily activities. Like many I have run on blistered feet, toenails have come off while removing socks, frostbitten extremities have been noted, hallucinations from fatigue, and dehydration have all been a part of endurance events. With all of these badges to prove my stamina, what is a little pandemic? We are tough. We can endure. We are unstoppable.

It is that type of unchecked self-talk that causes untold injury (physical, emotional, spiritual) to one's self and others for a long time. My desire is for all of us to be safe, resilient, and to enjoy life. Cancelling a gravel bike event is small stuff in the total scheme of life, IMO.

Get out and ride! Challenge the grandiose self-talk which builds the belief of invulnerability. Wash hands. Keep distance. Encourage others to do the same. COVID-19 has and will destroy lives and relationships. In this pandemic I would rather have a DNS next to my name than a DNF.

END-CHIP is still scheduled for October 10th!

Status Update

Beek, Joel, Tim and Don had a little END-ZOOM this evening to discuss upcoming events ... considering the current circumstances we are facing as a planet. The three upcoming races we discussed are END-TICK, END-WET and Wilderman. We are canceling END-TICK at this time (more to come from Tim in the coming days). We are holding out hope that we can still hold the other two events, but we will post more as this pandemic unfolds and determines all of our plans for the coming weeks/months. We will report back as soon as we can be comfortable that hosting any of these races is the safe and responsible (...I get the irony considering these are extreme events) thing to do...or not.
We wish you all well. Please be safe and social distance to the greatest degree you are able. Together we'll get through this.
Cheers from the ENDracing crew!!!
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END-SURE Important Update

A simplified definition of Chaos Theory states, "A very small change may make the system behave completely differently." The Covid 19 pandemic (the power of a microscopic molecule) has made many systems (all interconnected) behave differently. I have many reactions, thoughts, and feelings about the current situation. Yet, I am interconnected to a larger community and care deeply for others. Thus I need to make decisions based upon these factors.

END-SURE will not take place in 2020. Registrations will be deferred to the 2021 END-SURE or to other ENDracing events scheduled for 2020. You may also request a refund. This will be based upon our refund policy. When this policy was crafted no one considered a "pandemic clause". If you have specific questions or concerns regarding this policy please contact ENDracing. We value your support and participation in our events. Our desire is to continue providing high quality, challenging events while valuing each individual.

Personally, I would rather be outside in the expanse of nature than in a movie theater, business meeting, or assembly hall. However, I do not always get what I want. I, too live in a diverse and interconnected world. I consider my training not as event specific, but for life in general. I hope that everyone who reads this will not succumb to despair or panic, but keep moving forward as life and relationships are of utmost value.


Tim Bauer

Extra day to save on END-SURE!

If all your other marketing emails haven't told you yet: it's a leap year!

Use that extra day for fun, relaxation, and to sign up for END-SURE before the last price increase on March 1st.

(or maybe spend that day trying to guess what the race day weather will be?)

March 21, 2020

25K, 50K, 100K, or 100 miles of sandy, slushy, snowy goodness.


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If you haven't looked at our other 2020 races recently, check them out, ask us questions on email or social media, and get on those rosters!