Double Feature 2020 - Race Week

It's race week! Here are some things to know:
- Please stay home if you feel sick or have been notified by a state health department that you are a COVID-19 close contact.
- Please try to socially distance as much as possible. Keep in mind that others may have different feelings about what an acceptable distance is with and without a mask/face covering. Give a wide berth when passing on trails.
- It is highly encouraged that racers wear a mask/face covering when checking in.
- It is highly encouraged that spectators and volunteers wear a mask/face covering.
- Try to keep one empty space between vehicles in the parking lot, especially if you will be using your vehicle/parking lot as base camp for the day. You can set up camp/tent for the day in the grass at CCC, but keep 10 feet between camps.
- No food and water will be provided, please bring your own.
- CCC shelter does not have walls or heat, plan accordingly for weather conditions (clothing, warm vehicle, ice house and propane heater, etc.).
- END-TRAILS (running) is Saturday 24 Oct
- END-TOMBED (mtb) is Sunday 25 Oct
- Checkin starts ~7 AM each morning. You will need to sign a waiver to check in and get a number.
- Each vehicle in the park needs to have an annual or daily parking pass. If you don't have one, please either 1) purchase online from the ND State Parks website, 2) purchase from our website (day pass only), or 3) bring exactly $7 in cash.
- Camping is available in the park, please contact TRSP directly for reservations and details.
- Pit toilets are available at CCC, and the north washrooms are open at the campground.
- Results will be pen-and-paper instead of the computer system we've used the last two years, so there may be some delay in updating results on the big board.
Most other information should be in the course book. Contact us with any questions.
See you soon,
ENDracing Crew

Halloween Double Feature 2020 is Happening!

We're excited to announce that Halloween Double Feature 2020 is happening! The website ( has basic information, updated course book forthcoming.

Basic details and pandemic modifications:
- October 24-25
- Run on Saturday, ride on Sunday (reversed from previous years)
- Registration opens September 14th (Monday)
- Race HQ outside at CCC Shelter
- We will be providing a course, swag, and results, but you are on your own for food, drink, and support
- Limit of 100 racers per day
- 12-Hour Zombies get a roughly two-week head start on signups before other categories open

Hope to see you there!
- ENDracing Crew

May 16th END-COVID-19 Drawing

On May 16th, Brian, Scott, and I met in rural Cummings, ND at Highland Lutheran Church to hold a random drawing for those participating in END-COVID-19. The list of prizes and winners are here. I will be contacting you in order to get these items into your hands.

Thank you for particiapting in this event. Your dedication to staying healthy, participating without a group setting, and stretching your limits is awesome!

Another drawing will be held in early June at the completion of the event. Soon there will be a link to the Minnesota Sisters, ENDracing store. This will give you a way to purchase t-shirts directly. There will be two material options (tri-blend + wicking) and two color options for each material. These shirts will be available in youth and adult sizes.  2 t-shirts were given away in the initial drawing and 2 more will be given away at the conclusion of the event.


END-COVID-19 Drawing for May 16, 2020


ENDracing Buff

  1.      Justin Phillips

  2.      Noelle Andrtychowicz

  3.      Sharessa Gutierrez

  4.      Daimen Jackson


Hammer Gel Variety Pack

  1.      Beka Swisher

  2.      Jackie Schofield


Coaster Set

  1.      Joan Rose

  2.      Brittany Denesha-Jackson


Toilet Paper

  1.      Jeffery Jones


Reusable Straws

  1.     Chad Kurtyka

  2.     Kellee Black



  1.    Aspen Jackson

  2.    Ben Geyer

  3.    Austin Mack

  4.    Tiffany McQueen


END-COVID-19 t-Shirt

  1.    Evan Swisher

  2.    Chris Bloyer

END-WET and Wilderman: Canceled for 2020

Hey all you WET and Wild(erman) fans!
This isn't a message we've ever wanted to write or have ever anticipated having to write, but we're canceling END-WET and Wilderman for 2020. There are a lot of frequently used statements about closely monitoring the ever-changing situation and striving to make the safe and responsible choice, but in reality this just sucks. It doesn't feel like we have any other choice at this point due to all the uncertainty that surrounds this virus. These races have people from all over the country making travel plans and training for two of the hardest and craziest races in the country.
Like many other canceled races, we aren't in a position to offer a full refund. However, since this is a hobby for us (we all have normal jobs) we can offer you four options:
  1. Transfer your entry in END-WET or Wilderman to the same race in 2021 and no additional cost to you, we would love to see you next year when we’re on the other side of this pandemic.
  2. Transfer 75% of the entry fee to another race we offer, when we offer them. Likely the only 2020 races will be END-CHIP and the Double Feature in October…if we are able to hold them.\
  3. Refund 50% of entry fee.
  4. Refund 0% and the $ will support future races.
Please let us know which option you prefer by emailing us at When you let us know your option, please also provide the best address and your shirt size so we can send you an exclusive “ENDracing – quarantined” shirt.
Please be patient with us as we navigate this, we’re not used to this type of thing either.
Lastly, we cannot wait to see you and suffer with you again. In the meantime… be well. Stay safe. Live, love, run, ride, swim, crawl, create, and enjoy all the things that you have.
ENDracing team
Joel, Beek, Tim and Don


Due to the ongoing response to the Coronavirus pandemic many group events have been cancelled, notably END-SURE and more recently END-TICK. As a response to this reality I have seen “virtual” events being promoted. As the season is becoming favorable (on the northern plains) to biking, I want to share this “virtual” event to in some way provide fun, outdoor activity, and continue the ENDracing community.

Introducing; END-COVID-19      Extreme North Dakota - Commit Oneself to Voluntary Independent Distances

OK, so where does the “19” come into this? Keep reading! 

This virtual event covers 6 weeks of time: April 26 - June 6. (June 6 was the scheduled date for END-TICK) Each week a person should ride a segment of 19 miles. (6x19=114 miles) The reason is to maintain regular activity. However, if you want to ride 114 miles at one time, great! You have completed the desired distance. If you have a ride of 25 miles, you get credit for 1 segment. Think 19 mile segments. (19, 38, 57, 76, 95, 114).

Quirky….U BETCHA! This is meant to provide a bit of lighthearted fun in the midst of the change surrounding us.

All of this is accomplished on the honor system. Signing up is voluntary. Riding and reporting distances is voluntary. Pictures, routes, descriptions, great places to ride, etc are welcomed and will be shared on the ENDracing Facebook site. A spreadsheet of people, distances, etc will be posted on the Facebook site on a regular basis. I am not keeping track of time on your bike. This is an opportunity to get outside, ride miles on gravel, dirt, trail (minimize time on pavement), see new things, enjoy the freedom of riding a bike, and have solitary time to reflect upon whatever you may want. Also, if you cannot get outside during this time, miles indoors (Zwift, Peleton, etc) are acceptable. Keep this in mind: social distancing! My motto during these times: “Solo or no go!” If you cannot or will not ride alone, keep a significant distance between riders. AND….you are responsible for you!!!

Register by sending the following information to me: Tim Bauer at  

  •        Name
  •        Location
  •        Tire Size (regular…..40-45mm) (double…..2”-3”) (mega….3.8”+) Sounds like toilet paper rolls? YUP!

Scott Jensen (Grand Forks ND) and I (Moorhead MN) are coordinating this virtual event. We are doing this voluntarily.

This is a FREE virtual event! Yup… No fees and no donations/offerings. (This is extremely difficult for an attorney and a pastoral care provider to understand.)

At the conclusion of the event a drawing will be held to provide prizes. When you register and complete your initial 19 mile segment, you get entered into the drawing. When you complete 114 miles you get another entry into the drawing. So, you get a minimum of 1 entry and a maximum of 2 entries in the drawing. All decisions are final. With Scott being an attorney and being more law oriented than a grace oriented pastor, Scott’s decisions are final. Do not argue with him or you will be billed!

Prizes are still being formulated. However, major prizes will be from local businesses in whatever way possible. Minor prizes may be assorted Hammer gels and/or a ziptop bag of Heed! If you are a lucky winner, I will contact you in order to get information for sending your prize.