Two More Races in 2016

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2016 is waiting for you.

Hello ENDracers,
All registrations are open, but we also have two more races to put on your calendars:
We have decided to put the Iceman Triathlon on hold for 2016.  The timing of the race isn’t great for our crew this year but it won’t be gone forever.  Instead of the Iceman, we are going to partner with the Northern Star Cycling Club to put on the Bikecicle fatbike race on Sunday, February 21. This will be a 15-20 mile race depending on how much snow we get and the route we can put together.
This year’s END-SPAR (spring primer adventure race) will be held May 7, 2016.  The location isn’t confirmed yet (likely Turtle River State Park), but it will be close to Grand Forks again.  This year’s race will be a 6-hour race, so hoping to attract a few more new teams to give the sport a try. 
We are still trying to put together END-AR (our flagship adventure race) in late summer or fall, but no date or additional details are known yet.
As always, if you have questions please ask. 
ENDracing team

Registration is Open!

Except for a few races, we're wide open for 2016! Check out the list to the right to see dates and prices.

END-SPAR is highly likely back at Turtle River State Park, we're just nailing things down. END-AR may happen this fall and be close to home in Grand Forks--that doesn't mean it will be easy!

As for the winter, we're this close (indicates small distance between fingers) to officially announcing what's going on in February. Keep in touch!

Checks? Check.

Don't worry, online registration isn't opening until December 1 (wait, that's coming up quick...).

We've always had the "unofficial" option of paying by check when you register, but mostly just for friends and family. Many people don't like using PayPal, however (even if they have an account), so we're going to try an experiment and allow payment by check when you register online. How does this work? When you check out, check, uh, the "Pay by check" box and then (this is the important part) mail us a check at the address on that page. 

Although your registration will get into our system and you'll be added to the roster, you will NOT be officially registered until we deposit your payment. Payments must be postmarked before any price increases in order to get those savings.

Checks help us out, too. PayPal's transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per order, which is built into the registration for each race. Those fees add up over several hundred orders a year, so any savings there, we like to use to keep race prices low.

As always, send your registration questions/issues to Other questions and comments should go to so we can get them to the right person.

ENDracing 2016 Update

Dear ENDracers:

We’ve received a fair number of questions about the ENDracing line-up for 2016.  We’re a little behind in delivering the details, but this message and a few more to follow in the coming weeks will let everyone know about ENDracing in 2016 and beyond.  Right now, we just want to let people know what dates are set for 2016.  So, here are the dates that are set so far, with more to come…

  • March 19, 2016: END-SURE – offering the 25k, 50k and 100k options again.
  • June 18, 2016: END-WET – the 5th annual swim!  36 mile swim on the mighty Red River of the North.
  • July 16, 2016: Wilderman – the 3rd installment of the only off-road iron-distance triathlon in the country.
  • September 10, 2016: Uff Da Mud Run – Back on the greenway of Greater Grand Forks, this time with more new challenges and all the same MUD.
  • October 29 – 30, 2016: END-TOMBED and END-TRAILS, aka the Double Feature – join us once more at Turtle River State Park for the 6th annual 12-hour mountain bike race or the 4th annual 12-hour trail run...or both!

We also have plans for at least one adventure race in the Spring, but no date currently set.  Please stay tuned for the best kind of fun there is.  We are currently undecided about the Iceman Triathlon and a couple other races, but we’ll keep you posted when we get the rest of the details figured out.

In the coming weeks, look for an introduction to the new management of ENDracing.  Look for the new logo and some pictures of the END-VAN (she’s a high performance vehicle, we have to fill her with premium).  Also think about ways you might be able to join us so we can make ENDracing better together.

So, I hope this gets people excited, because we are.  We’re ready for another year of putting on the hardest (yet most fun) races in North Dakota.

Lastly, THANK YOU all for joining us in 2015.  Thank you for your support of these unique events, we look forward to racing with you all again, very soon.


ENDracing team


p.s. as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask or

Double Feature 2015 Results

Results from the 2015 END-TOMBED/END-TRAILS Double Feature can be found here.

We'll be listing race reports on each page as we get them, so please post a comment here or email a link to  Here's a report from Jason.

Undead Hall of Fame Successes:

  • Andrew Holton (Pine, Colorado)
  • Ryan Wagner (Grand Forks, North Dakota)
  • Nathan Lizakowski (Grand Forks, North Dakota)
  • Corey Jurowski (New Richmond, Wisconsin)
  • Dan Salay (Rochester, Minnesota)
  • Jamie Perry (Bismarck, North Dakota)

Awesome work guys!  Thanks to everyone who came out for a weekend of racing and cameraderie.  We'll see you in 2016!