Hey all,

In accordance with our goal not to send you too much email, we've pushed a few things to social media and the website that you might have missed. HOWEVER! These things might be important to you, so here's some love for your inbox.

 = - = - = Extreme North Dakota Pipestem Ultra Scenic Endeavor (END-PULSE) = - = - =

New 50K trail run in Jamestown this weekend!

ENDracer Mike Adams is heading up a chill pay-what-you-want event, check it out at https://endracing.com/end-pulse or the Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/414291647512950).

= - = - = END-SHOP is Open = - = - =

We are excited to announce, that in partnership with Probitas Promotions, we have opened an online store with made-to-order ENDracing merchandise and swag. The store will be open until midnight on October 23 at which time the order will be placed. There will also be another 2-week timeframe in the near future where it will be open as well.
We are very excited about this!
= - = - = Double Feature = - = - =
Did you hear? We're back at the end of October for spooky fun and a new 24-hour run option! See details at https://endracing.com/df .
= - = - = Tim is Retiring = - = - =
Our friend Tim Bauer is retiring from race directing. Read his blog post and wish him well at https://www.trainingforlife.spcadventures.com/2022/10/endracing-to-endin... or https://www.facebook.com/timothy.bauer.98/posts/pfbid0KkmGBTbBBNF2GMTvQh... .
See you all soon,
ENDracing Crew



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