END-SPAR 2013 Roster

RACE IS FULL!  36 teams including 19 in the Premiere category make this the most awesome race in END-SPAR history.  And the fact that there is still gonna be snow on the course just adds to the awesomeness!  Teams/Racers for 2013 END-SPAR are:

2 person Open

The Bissons: Patrick Bisson, Joel Bisson. Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. Jacob Edgar, Logan Homstad.  Warren, MN, USA

Draggin' my Brother Along. Brandon Scheel, Steve Scheel.  Mankato, MN and Fargo, ND; USA

The B Team: Phillip Brandt, James Brooks.  Grand Forks, ND, USA

Team Goeddertz: Dave Goeddertz, Avery Goeddertz.  Bemidjii, ND USA

*Team Maplelag: Steve Wenzel, Dave Breznay.  MN, USA

2 person Coed

Mentalist Whoa: Alison Kelly, Matt Burton-Kelly, Grand Forks, ND, USA

END-FAST Jr I (team G): Rosa Grijalva (14), Lou Grijalva (12) [plus Jim Grijalva].  Grand Forks, ND, USA

3/4 person Open

 (3) GFHHH: Drink, Run, Fork.  James Clark, Mark Grunwald, William Murtha.  Grand Forks, ND, USA

(4) Grumpy Old Men: Ed Kolodka, Corrado D'Antonio, Brian Tande, Craig Stephen. Grand Forks, ND, USA

(3) Catfish and Company: Joshua Hunter, Joshua Guggenheimer, David Larson, Grand Forks, ND, USA

(3) 3-Bux: Simon Odland, Joel Odland, Isaac Odland. Hawley, MN, USA

(4) END-FAST Sr: Hunter Soli, Jesse, Charlie, and Braden.  Walhalla, ND, USA

(4) Dopeness Monsters:  Luke Belanus, Alex Jacobson, Adam Ratchenski, and "Sunshine".  Grand Forks, ND, USA

(3) Obstreperous Brohammers. Joel Larson, Clay Johnson, Dexter Belling.  Grand Forks, ND, USA.

3/4 person Coed

(3) Two Girls and a John, Tara Kenny, Amy Campbell, John Kenny.  Winnipeg, MB, Canada

(4) Second Breakfast, Carol Aron, Tammy Bohan, Gerald Wolfe, Dude Four, Bismarck, ND, USA

(3) Compass?  What Compass? Margo Plews, Kim Melnychuk, Matt Jenkins. Winnipeg, MB, Canada

(3) All In. Dan Chevrier, Gail Emery, Lisa Case.  St. Adolphe, MB, Canada.

(3) Jack, Jenny, and John. Gordan Dalling, Marlis Jabs, John Kraemer. Winnipeg, MB, Canada

(3) The Vaceks. Joe, Kate, and Bill Vacek.  Grand Forks, ND, USA

(3) Prestige Worldwide. Ron Jowett, Helen Jowett, Noah Gatzke.  Winnipeg, MB, Canada

(3) The Orienteers: Doris, Reid, and Vern Nelson.  Winnipeg, MB, Canada

(3) YodaSmackers:  Rheal Poirier, Alain Foidart, Camille Partin.  Winnipeg, MB, Canada

(4) Mediocre Cowboys:  Tobias Marmann, Brent Brannan, Scott Ellis, and TBD.  Bismarck, ND, USA

(3) Super Awesome Express: Rachel Ames, Mandy Wagner, and TBD.  Duluth, MN/Grand Forks, ND, USA

(4) Those Damn Canadians:  Dave Holder, Amanda Younka, Alex Hare, Heather Kent.  Winnipeg, MB, Canada

(3) Team #YOLO:  Tom Fisher, Caleb Kobilansky, Elizabeth Carr, Grand Forks**, ND, USA

(4) Mostly Harmless: Linnea Barton, Tyler Roen, Mary Hoeckle, Josh Hoeckle.  Crookston, MN, USA

(4) YS/ER:  Grant Mehring, Tammy Magness, Michelle Annandale, Ryan Wagner. Fargo, GF/Winnipeg, USA/Canada

(3) Down and Dirty: Ted Bibby, Jason Braunberger, TBD.  Grand Forks, ND, USA

(3) Tantrum Throwers: Tu-Uyen Tran, Lauren Fuller, Nico Bennett.  Grand Forks, ND, USA

(3) Unclassified: John Kapocius, et. al. Grafton, ND, USA

3/4 person Female

(3) Girls Only Club, Kimberly Rickel and friends.  Bismarck, ND, USA

(4) Wild West Women: Barb Roise, Jessica Ahmann, Audrey Larson, and Ipo Roehrich.  Powers Lake, ND, USA

(3) END-FAST Jr. II (Peck-Glessner): Erin (13) and Megan Peck (12), Lucy Glessner (12)  [plus Jason Schaefer], Grand Forks, ND, USA


**Team END-FAST racer

Note: Teams in blue are youth teams sponsored by Ground UP adventures and ENDracing