END-WET guest swimmer, WET+WILD registration deadlines

Hi folks, some updates:

We're happy to announce Evan Morrison as the 2023 END-WET guest swimmer! Full announcement at https://endracing.com/blog/end-wet-2023-guest-swimmer.

END-WET (https://endracing.com/end-wet) and Wilderman (https://endracing.com/wilderman) registration increases will happen later today (May 2nd).

Heads up that END-WET reg closes at the end of May. That's this month!

How about some roster numbers?
- END-WET 36-mile swim: 14 solo (https://endracing.com/end-wet/roster)
- Wilderman off-road tri: 7 half, 6 full, 1 relay team (https://endracing.com/wilderman/roster)
- [Mystery Summer Running Event?]
- END-PULSE ultra: Not open yet (https://endracing.com/end-pulse)
- END-TOMBED 6/12-hour MTB: Not open yet (https://endracing.com/end-tombed)
- END-TRAILS 6/12/24-hour run: Not open yet (https://endracing.com/end-trails)

Always looking for volunteers and future race directors. Get in touch: https://endracing.com/volunteer

If you have a past race report or photos and we don't have a link to them on a particular race page, send them our way.

And finally, want to buy a 1990 15-passenger van? We've got one to sell!


END Crew

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