Wilderman needs racers, END-WET closing soon, END-BACKYARD is new

Hi Folks,

Quick updates (aren't they all quick? do people have time to read long emails anymore? maybe one email a day for three days would be better?) about the next three races.

END-WET registration closes at the end of May. Don't forget to figure out your own paddler! https://endracing.com/end-wet.
We can always use volunteers for this race, especially those who like to a) drive around back roads in the morning and b) hang out by the river in the afternoon.

WILDERMAN is approaching a go/no-go decision point at the end of May (solidarity with project managers who just shuddered reading that phrase). We have 9 full, 5 half, and no teams signed up. Full text below, but we need at least SIX more racers or teams for Wilderman to happen. We have no teams yet, but if you like to ride a bike and/or run, let us know and we can help you put together a relay that uses a randomly assigned swimmer. How's that for some fun? https://endracing.com/wilderman. Volunteers also appreciated, especially those who like to a) drive around back roads (a theme is emerging) and b) stay up late to watch super tired people try to walk up hills.
> Minimum number of FULL racers: 10 by June 1st. We will hold the FULL distance race if we get at least 10 full racers (teams count as 1) by this date and meet the minimum 20 racers overall. If we meet the 20 racers overall but not 10 full racers, we will only hold the half. Folks registered for the full can choose to transfer to the half (and difference refunded), a full refund, or race credit.

END-BACKYARD is a NEW RACE (can I use MORE CAPITALS?) in 2024. https://endracing.com/end-backyard. Description below. Volunteers for this event are probably those who like to a) stare at race clocks and b) spend an inordinate amount of effort trying to predict who will win.
> The standard backyard ultra has a course 4 miles, 880 feet (6.7056 km) long. All runners start each lap ("yard") together, once an hour. If you aren't in the starting corral when the hour starts, you are eliminated (you can totally hang around and cheer for folks). The last person who can start, wins.


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