Extreme North Dakota Racing newsletter

Extreme North Dakota Racing newsletter

Announcement 2024

ENDfriends: Thanks for a fun 2023!  Hope you all enjoy the holidays however you choose to spend them.  We’ll continue to play outside as much as possible!

The purpose of this email is to announce our 2024 dates for all currently planned races.  Registration will open this weekend, so hurry and get signed up!!

They are:

Coming Up: Family Adventure Race, END-PULSE, Double Feature

Fall racing is upon us! Here's a list of what's coming up. Registration is open for all of it!

##### Ground UP Adventures Family Adventure Race #####
Sunday, September 24th in Grand Forks

Our friends at GUP are bringing Adventure Racing back to town town after a few years. Get the kids (and yourself) out for some navigation fun.

Wilderman Needs Racers!

Greetings Wilderman friends!

To start I want to say that I love the Wilderman. A lot. However, as of today's date we have 11 racers. This race is very time and energy intensive to pull off and I can't justify hosting this race with only 11 amazing Wilderpeople ready to participate. I hate to do this with only a month to go, but if we don't reach at least 20 racers by Friday, June 23, I am going to cancel the race (with refund). If you have racers ready to come play with us in the beautiful Pembina Gorge, please have them sign up ASAP.

END-WET guest swimmer, WET+WILD registration deadlines

Hi folks, some updates:

We're happy to announce Evan Morrison as the 2023 END-WET guest swimmer! Full announcement at https://endracing.com/blog/end-wet-2023-guest-swimmer.

END-WET (https://endracing.com/end-wet) and Wilderman (https://endracing.com/wilderman) registration increases will happen later today (May 2nd).

Heads up that END-WET reg closes at the end of May. That's this month!

END-SURE registration bump on March 1st (and some tidbits)

Hey folks, here's a few updates below. As always, reply back if you have something to say. --END Crew

# END-SURE April 1

Quick reminder about END-SURE! Price bump tomorrow and who knows what the snow will look like in a month! https://endracing.com/end-sure

Race Director Mike writes: "I just loaded up the snowmobile to go have a look at the trails and how things are over there. It sounds like that area might get another 6" of snow tonight and tomorrow, so maybe I'll hold off until tomorrow..."

# END-WET June 17


Hey all,

In accordance with our goal not to send you too much email, we've pushed a few things to social media and the website that you might have missed. HOWEVER! These things might be important to you, so here's some love for your inbox.

 = - = - = Extreme North Dakota Pipestem Ultra Scenic Endeavor (END-PULSE) = - = - =

New 50K trail run in Jamestown this weekend!

Double Feature 2022 - New 24hr Run, Registration Open

Quick note to you all that registration is open for Double Feature 2022!

This includes
- Saturday 29 Oct - END-TOMBED mountain bike race: https://endracing.com/end-tombed
- Sunday 30 Oct - END-TRAILS trail run: https://endracing.com/end-trails

NEW THIS YEAR: A 24-hour option for END-TRAILS! Start 8 pm Saturday night, end 8 pm Sunday night. Start in the dark, run all night, meet up with people in the morning to get peppy again. Run all day.


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