Extreme North Dakota Racing newsletter

Extreme North Dakota Racing newsletter

Halloween Double Feature 2021 is Happening!

We're excited to announce that Halloween Double Feature 2021 is happening! The website (https://endracing.com/double-feature) has basic information, updated course book forthcoming.

Yes, we're late getting this announced...but the race is also a week later. Sign up and put November 6-7 on your calendar. Plan for an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night!

END-SURE 2021 Registration is Open

Hi all,

Just a quick email announcement that END-SURE 2021 registration is open at https://endracing.com/end-sure.

This year there will be only 100K and 50K options. Total of 50 racers allowed. There are 2 spots left in 100K and 31 spots left in 50K as of this morning.

We gave people who were signed up in 2020 first chance at transferring to 2021. If you didn't get an email about this but would like to transfer a 2020 registration to 2021, please reply.

It's great to be racing again!



Frozen Feat 2021 - ENDracing discount!

A message below from some friends...
Greetings from Grand Forks!

We hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy!

The Frozen Feat Race Committee would like to invite END racers to participate in our 14th Annual Event!  We are also offering you a $5 off discount code: END2021.

Extra day to save on END-SURE!

If all your other marketing emails haven't told you yet: it's a leap year!

Use that extra day for fun, relaxation, and to sign up for END-SURE before the last price increase on March 1st.

(or maybe spend that day trying to guess what the race day weather will be?)

March 21, 2020

25K, 50K, 100K, or 100 miles of sandy, slushy, snowy goodness.


------- and ----------


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