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July 14 2018, Walhalla, ND

Wilderman 2017. Photo by Wes Peck.

"This race was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I love ironman races because of the challenge and the people that do them. I love the crowds, the energy, and the strategy. This offroad ironman had very few people, but quality supersedes quantity." - Jess Anderson, 2015 Female Winner

Location: Walhalla Country Club, 12114 County Highway 55, Walhalla, North Dakota 58282

Wilderman Full: 2.4 miles of swimming, 113.4 miles of gravel grinding, mountain biking and stream crossing, and 26.7 miles of the gnarliest trail running in the state.
Wilderman Half: 1.2 miles of swimming, slightly more than 63.8 miles on the bike, and 16.2 miles of trail running.
Wilderman Relay: Full course, but as a relay. Teams of 2 or 3 (since we realize dragging a swimmer up to only do one part of the race is sort of mean).

About: This is an epic race. Please--before you decide to do this race read the race reports from previous races (links at the bottom of the page).  Go in to this baby with your eyes open... 

If you thought IRONMAN (or even XTERRA) was the end of the road - the big enchilada - the pinnacle of multi-disciplinary solo effort endurance sports - think again.  

Think Harder---Think Better---Think Wilder.

Welcome to the Wilderman*

 "By far my favorite race." - Noelle Andrychowicz

Race Details (2018):

Date:  Saturday+, July 14th 2018

Location:  Pembina Gorge, near Walhalla, ND.  HQ at Walhalla Country Club (12114 County Highway 55).

More Details: The Course Book will be updated with 2018 information early in the year.


  Until Jan 2 2018 Jan 3 - May 31 Jun 1 - Jul 7
$240 $265 $290
$150 $175 $200
$120 (2 person)
$180 (3 person)
$140 (2 person)
$210 (3 person)
$160 (2 person)
$240 (3 person)
Online registration closes 23:59:59 July 7.
Race will be limited to 40 full, 40 half, and 10 relay teams.
Refund Policy


Year Racers Results Photos Videos Race Reports Press Misc.
2017 26 started, 17 finished (full+half+relay) All years Aaron Noelle prerace, River crossing, Official (short) Eric, Jacob (read all the comments), Todd Heady, Ian, Mitzi, Mike   Slowtwitch
2016 16 started, 14 finished (full+half+relay) All years Beek, Dave Prerace, Awards Eric, Sheryl, Jason, Bill, Mark's run track   Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Event, Map
2015 13 started, 12 finished (full+half) All years Wes, Beek   Tom, Jess   Racer Comm.Map, Facebook Event
2014 26 started, 17 finished (full only) All years WesBryan Video CalebDavidScott, Brandon, Noelle, Mike, MichelleDan Woll   Map, Facebook Event

*Please note, the Wilderman IS NOT IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH IRONMAN™ or XTERRA™.  It is a triathlon, however, that covers roughly the same distance in each discipline as an IRONMAN Triathlon.  As we mentioned, the Wilderman is harder, better, wilder, and a heck of a lot less expensive than IRONMAN™ and XTERRA™ events.  Here are some extra trademark symbols in case we missed them somewhere: ™™™™™.