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About: In 2003 I participated in the first ever offroad iron distance triathlon, the MXT, in Park City Utah.  I finished in 20 hours, give or take.  It was the first race I had ever done where people were allowed to be hooked up to an IV during the event and then continue.  It was epic.  But it was discontinued.  Why?  Maybe it was overdone.  It had corporate sponsors.  Maybe it was too hard  (only 68 people finished) - so hard that it wasn't accessible.  Maybe it didn't make money.  Who knows.  

According to one researcher, more people have been to the moon than have completed an offroad ironman (check out a brief history of the endeavor HERE).  Crazy.  But I'm not sure how long that is going to last, because the off road ironman is coming back.  But this time it's with ENDracing - a grassroots extreme endurance events company based out of, of all places, North Dakota.  And we like 'too hard', have never 

used big corporate sponsors, and for some reason didn't really get into the whole making money thing.  But we do put on great events.  

If you thought Ironman was the end of the road - the big enchilada - the pinnacle of multi-disciplinary solo effort endurance sports - think again.  

Think Harder---Think Better---Think Cheaper---Think Wilder.

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