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What makes ENDraces different?  

Our goals.  We are not a profit driven event company.  We began, and still very much are, grass-roots.  Our mission is to provide top quality, challenging events that force people out of their comfort zone.  We aim to make them as affordable as possible by focusing only on what matters in creating good experiences, and relying on our years as dirt-bag climbers to keep costs down.  We favor smaller intimate races over big ones, feeling that 'our' type of adventure is served by some level of solitude; and that the sort of camaraderie that builds lasting friendships and community is harder to find when there are thousands at the start line instead of hundreds or dozens.  If you came out and supported our efforts in 2013 and had a good time, rest assured you'll have a great time in 2014.

Why don't you guys give shirts at events? 

We have a rule here at ENDracing in terms of race swag. Our swag should be 1) high quality, 2) sustainably and ethically produced, and 3) affordable enough so as not do drive up race costs.  We can't always meet all three of these criteria (though we do try!) for every race, but won't provide swag that doesn't meet at least two of them.  And shirts tend not to do that.  Shirts are either cheap enough but not useful/sustainably produced, or would demand an increase in entry fees. Furthermore, not all racers want to pay for shirts, or any swag for that matter, as part of race registration.  So in an effort to keep our registration fees down, starting in 2014 racers will not pay for swag as part of registration in most cases.  Swag options (at our cost) will be available during registration.  This allows us to offer multiple items so you can choose what you want or choose nothing at all.  As we find good stuff that meets our criteria we'll buy it, print it, and offer it up on the website.  Our races are tough enough that I can safely say there are way better ways to get at t-shirt -  trust me.

Whats with all the different types of races? 

Good question.  One of the things that drives us is variety, and the eternal question - can we do it?  We've developed the series so that there is something for everyone, and then a very special something for that rare individual that wants to answer that same question acrossed a very broad spectrum.  Yeah, there are loads of athletes that really excell at a particular pursuit, but rare indeed is the individual that could tackle all of the challenges we offer.  If you're one of those that can, there's an even greater challenge - enter every race in the premiere category and finish.  Yep, this means swimming 36 miles.  And finishing the full course on the Adventure Races. And making it into the Undead Hall of Fame.  We're not sure it is even possible.  But we're sure looking foward to meeting those of you who are, like us, dying to find out.  

Got a different question - just ask us!


ENDracing is a registered non-profit in North Dakota, but not a federally recognized 501c3.  We opted not to pursue 501c3 status because while we wanted to commit to giving our profits back to our community, we didn't plan on the benefits that are gained by 501c3 status.

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of high quality races designed to significantly challenge participants.  We aim to provide unique experiences - things that aren't already available in the region in which we operate - the upper (upper) midwest.  We try to do this in a way that makes the events as affordable to racers as possible.  

The organization employs three people and hires independent contractors for three races. One employee works full time and is responsible for the bulk of the race design, management, and logistics.  His salary in 2013 was $18,000 (roughly $12/hr).  It will be $25,000 (roughly $16/hr) in 2014.  Two employees are part time and manage registration, marketing, and the website; and race day logistics/volunteers, and make approximately $5000 and $3000 annually, roughly $15/hr.  None of the employees are provided health insurance.  Independent contractors are paid a flat rate for specific roles they assume as part of a particular event.  The Iceman Triathlon, Uff Da Mud Run, END-TOMBED and END-TRAILS used independent contractors in 2013.  

Beyond paying employee salaries (and applicable taxes, etc) and independent contractors, race entry fees cover event insurance, storage space, race equipment, maps, hospitality (food, drink), some social media marketing, awards/prizes, park entry fees, and in some cases volunteers (Uff Da and END-WET).  

With the exception of a few of our events, our costs would not be met by registration fees alone.  Thankfully, we recieve support from many local organizations that help offset some of our costs through in-kind donations and/or direct financial support.  We apply annually for Special Events funding from the city of Grand Forks and their generous support helps us keep racer fees low.  In addition, we continue to seek title sponsors for events (where it is a good fit).  Finally, local events are partially funded (financially and through in kind help) by the Grand Forks Convention and Visitors Bureau.  

In 2013 we were able to end the year with a surplus which allows us to develop our philanthropic goals - support of Ground UP adventures, a youth racing team (END-FAST), and a regionally competitive adult racing team (ENDracing/Yogslackers).  In 2013 our contribution to Ground UP will be over $10,000, most of which will be used to help get the organization's community boat house up and running.  Our contribution to the youth team was roughly $1000 and the adult team $600. 

We plan to continue our role as a major supporter of Ground UP adventures and both teams through future years.  

Who We Are


President and Head Race Director

Matt Burton Kelly (Beek)

Online Registration
Assistant Race Director
Online support (aka web geek)

Beek also operates Northern Plains Athletics and can be contacted on Twitter at @nplainsathletes.


Carmen Peck

Race Day Logistics and Volunteer coordinator

Jordan McIntyre

Athlete Assessment and First Aid coordinator