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June 1 2019, Lake Park, MN

Race Summary:

Whether you have gravel grit in your veins or are wanting to check out gravel grinding this event can meet your needs. For those wanting to push the distance 210k (130 miles) would be your choice. Those wanting to test their bike and legs for the first time can choose the 50k (31 mile) option. This distance also includes options for less mileage.

Routes will pass through small towns (c-stores) and/or have aid station options for calorie and hydration needs. For the longer distances be prepared for 40-50 miles without aid. There is no sag wagon following riders. You are responsible for you.


Date:  June 1, 2019


  • 210 km         starts at 6am
  • 115 km          starts at 9am
  • 50 km       starts at 10:30am

Civil Twilight 4:55am; Sunrise 5:34am; Sunset 9:11pm; Civil Twilight 9:50pm



Jona and Alica Baer turn over their massive shop with attached living space to be TICK central. If you want to stay on site for the 6am start, no problem! You can camp or take advantage of one of the beds inside. Too tired to drive home post-ride, no problem! Plenty of space to rest in comfort. There are bathrooms and a shower. Full kitchen will be in use to provide pre + post ride food and beverages. Want to keep your own post-ride foods/beverages cold, no problem! There is plenty of refrigerator/freezer space.

The address: 12177 County Highway 8, Lake Park, MN 56554

Other details:

Printed cue cards will be available the day of the event for all distances. GPS tracks will also be available for downloading the week before June 1. The event director uses Ride with GPS for mapping and cue cards. All routes are physically checked for accuracy to insure proper signage and distances. Past routes can be seen by searching Ride with GPS.

This year's routes:

Participants should be prepared for a variety of terrain and weather conditions. Gravel roads, minimum maintenance roads, single + double track trails, and pavement can be a part of each distance. Each participant is responsible for their physical, emotional, and mechanical needs. You are responsible for you.

It is recommended that you use a rear red light while riding. Being visible helps with your safety as you traverse the curves, hills, and trails of the beautiful rural setting. Bright and/or reflective clothing is also a good choice.

If you want to stay at the start the night before, please contact ENDracing to make this known.  Bedding is available, but if you want to bring your own gear for sleeping that is fine. Towels, soaps, etc. are also available onsite if you choose to shower or bring your own supplies.

  Through May 30

Pay What You Want*

Average $21.56 as of 28 May 2019

Online registration closes 23:59:59 on Thursday.
Refund Policy

*Gravel races are traditionally free, and we like that tradition. You're more than welcome to kick in some money to cover event costs (insurance, food, gas, etc.), but it's not required. All that we ask is that if you sign up, you actually show up, so we don't end up with tons of extra food laying around. (And if dropping some $$$ now helps you remember to show up, we're not going to stop you.)
Past Races:
Year Racers Results Photos Videos Race Reports Press
2018 29+       FB event  
2015-06-13 (200 miles) 2 1 - John Kern, 15:53
2 - Ryna Haug, 17:32
Facebook event