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October 1st 2016, Grand Forks, ND

END-AR 36-hour in 2014, westen North Dakota

Race Summary:  The 2014 race was the North American Championship race for the NAARS series and will took place in October in North Dakota's Badlands. It upped the ante with a 36 hour format and was one of the toughest courses ever offered at a championship race.

END-AR is hands down the hardest race in the state of North Dakota.  It is an extreme challenge of team-work that involved biking, trekking, and paddling through some of the most difficult terrain in the entire state for up to a full day.  Many races like to tout themselves as hard but don't deliver.  As a racer myself, I hate that.  As a race director, I never want to be 'that guy'.  That said, a good race isn't just comprised of insanely difficult obstacles or ungodly distances - at the end of the day it needs to be both a memorable and rewarding experience for the racers, whether they finish or not.  And of course, it needs to be tons of fun (although the types of fun may vary between participants).  So that is my goal in putting on this event.  It won't be for everyone.  It will be tough.  

Details: Updates provided via prerace email and Facebook page.

Date: October 1st 2016
Cap: Race will be limited to 40 paying teams over all categories.
Location: Downtown Grand Forks and beyond...
Entry Includes:  One heck of a course, t-shirt, bragging rights, prize pool, and more TBD.
Categories: 3/4 person coed (premiere), 3/4 person all same sex (open), 2 person open, 2 person coed. 
Schedule: TBD
Disciplines: All three main AR disciplines (trekking, biking, and paddling) will be well represented.
Format: The race will have a format that allows both novice and experienced teams to challenge the same course. There will time cut offs at certain CPs throughout  the course. Teams arriving ahead of the cutoff will be allowed to pursue optional points, adding distance and difficulty to the race.  Teams missing the cutoffs will need to proceed along the mandatory course.  Experienced teams gunning for the podium will need to visit all the optional CPs (or try to!).  Newer teams just hoping to complete the 'hardest race in North Dakota', will just need to clear the mandatory sections of the course (which will still be plenty challenging!)
Scoring:  Teams collect a point for each checkpoint (CP) they visit during the course.  Some CP's are optional so that slower or less experienced teams can still complete the course by opting out of these as they see fit.  Teams are ranked based on score.  Teams with the same score are ranked based on finish time.
Refund Policy: add link
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All profits from this event - and all ENDracing events - will help support Ground Up Adventures, a local North Dakota non-profit dedicated to bringing adventure to the region's youth and larger communities.