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Mudman Schmudman.  Tough Mudder? Oh Brother.  Warrior Dash?  Too much flash.  Go UFF-DA!

Race Summary:

Welcome to the Uff Da mud run - obstacle racing Extreme North Dakota (END) style. Your hosts, Ole and Lena invite you to participate in an 'extremely' fun and challenging 6K course that will encompass roughly 20 obstacles as it winds its way along the Greenway in Greater Grand Forks.  There are lots of reasons why this race will be different than the plethora of other events that seem to be popping up everywhere these days - so before you choose which one to do make sure to check out our FAQ page, and as Ole would say - "Yust make dat der choice visely!"

Support GUP:

All profits from this event - and all ENDracing events - will help support Ground UP Adventures, a local North Dakota non-profit dedicated to bringing adventure to the region's youth and larger communities.  





2014 event details: Racer updates provided via Facebook event page.

Date: Sept 6, 2014


  • Solo adult, male or female
  • Solo youth (aged 13 to 17), male or female: Youth aged 13-17 can compete only with event waiver signed by parent or guardian.  
  • Solo adult ELITE, male or female - $1000 for top honors, cash to top 3!  There will be ONE elite wave for women and ONE for men, each with a maximum size of 100 racers.  
  • Family (one adult and up to two kids 6-12):  Larger families can add adults/children.  One adult can accompany a maximum of two kids in this category.
  • Uff Da Ultra:  the longest mud run ever - 8 continuous laps of the uff da course - 200 obstacles - to be completed in under 12 hours.  Come on, you know you want to try it...

Registration Fees: Registration opens in early January 2014.  Online registration closes Thurs, Sept 4th, at midnight.  Registration will be available on friday at the pre-race check-in and on site on race day as well. Please see below for open waves, and keep in mind that waves start times are approximate, and that waves may be combined/eliminated or added depending on registration numbers nearing race day.  Racers in elimintated waves will automatically be re-registered in the nearest non-eliminated wave.  Any reassignments will be announced in the week leading up to the event on the UFF DA facebook event page, along with other pre-race information (obstacle teasers, pre-race prize drawings, etc etc), so make sure you like the page!  

Wave (click to register) before April 1 April 1 - July 31 August 1 - September 4 Status
8:00 Ultra* $100 $120 $140 Open
9:00 Family** $50+ $60+ $70+ Open
10:00 Recreational $40 $50 $60 Open
10:30 Recreational $40 $50 $60 Closed until 10:00 fills
11:00 Recreational $40 $50 $60 Open
11:30 Recreational $40 $50 $60 Closed until 11:00 fills
12:30 Elite Men $50 $60 $70 Open
12:35 Elite Women $50 $60 $70 Open
1:00 Recreational $40 $50 $60 Open
1:30 Recreational $40 $50 $60 Closed until 1:00 fills
2:00 Recreational  $40 $50 $60 Closed until 1:30 fills
2:30 Recreational $40 $50 $60 Closed until 2:00 fills
3:00 Recreational $40 $50 $60 Closed until 2:30 fills

*It's like doing 2 mud runs and getting six for free!
**Larger families should add $40 for each additional adult and $10 for each child between 6 and 12.  One adult can accompany a maximum of two kids in this category.  

Location/Schedule: Grand Cities Greenway.  Start and Finish in East Grand Forks near Sorlie Bridge (DeMers Avenue).

Entry includes:  A great race, ENDracing swag, free drink ticket, free food (TBD) and a Dakota Harvest Cookie (Ole and Lena's favorite!), lots of mud, and some sort of  finisher memento....(see the faq page for details).

Course Layout : see below for 2013's map.  2014's race will feature slight changes and improvements.  Map will appear in next spring!

Difficulty: This race is actually about 6K long. Runners who had done similar length 'mud runs' such as warrior dash, mudman, and Hard charge, and even tough mudder unanimously told us that this race was significantly more challenging (well except for tough mudder which is 10 miles long), had tougher obstacles, and had orders of magnitude more mud.  Add to that that this is NATURAL mud (not manufactured!) - some of the finest in the world IMHO - and you've got one heck of a race.  It IS accessible as a first mud run though (it will make every other 6K run seem like a walk in the park) and the 2013 full course was completed by people from 6 to 60+ (no easy breezy courses specially designed for kids here - we know kids are tough and they can tackle the real deal!) but it will take a while!  The fastest elite racer took just under 45 minutes to finish, while some families took up to 2.5 hours.  You always get your money's worth with ENDracing!

Other details - New for 2014 - we will provide team placings as well as individual placings!  Different finisher memento as well.

Refund Policy:  Sorry, there are no refunds of your registration fee if the race happens. and the race will happen under all weather conditions, unless the interstates are closed.  In event of such severe weather, a modified course may be offered on the same day or an alternate date chosen.  Registered racers unable to make the new date would be offered credit towards another ENDracing event in an amount equal to 75% of the registration cost.  If the event is cancelled entirely due to weather, flood, or natural disaster, all registered racers will receive the 75% credit.  In the extremely unlikely event that the event is cancelled for other reasons (lack of participant numbers, for example), full refunds will be provided, of course.

Wave change requests and official registration transfers can be made here.  If you have registration issues (not wave changes or entry transfers), please email

Past Races:

2013: Photos (Wes, Jeff), Course Map, Results, Videos (GR8 outoors piece)

All profits from this event - and all ENDracing events - will help support Ground UP Adventures, a local North Dakota non-profit dedicated to bringing adventure to the region's youth and larger communities.