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Mudman Schmudman.  Tough Mudder? Oh Brother.  Warrior Dash?  Too much flash.  You get the idea.

Welcome to the Uff Da mud run - obstacle racing Extreme North Dakota (END) style.  ENDracing is different because we aren't profit driven ENDracing events have and will always be grassroots, community focused events.  The fact that our business model stems from and stays true to what got us in to putting on challenging events in the first place - our passion for adventure - sets us apart.  This will have a huge impact on what you will find at the Uff Da mud run, compared to the veritable conucopia of 'similar' events.  For example -

  1. We don't have to lie to you.  If you need to be told you are the ultimate BAMF because you crossed the finish line of a mud run then have one of your friends do it.  It's not true.  Yeah, our course will be plenty hard - maybe even much harder than many 5K events out there, but it (and all those other races) are pretty darn far from what they claim to be.  Sure, for some participants our course might be, as Mudman claims "the most intense challenge you've ever faced" - but for others, maybe even a majority, it's going to be just a super fun challenge and a total kick in the pants.  Yeah, you'll be probalby be pushed out of your comfort zone, but uber extreme?  Come on folks!  If you want to really be tested - just check out any of our other events....
  2. We won't charge for parking.  In researching mud run events, we've heard horror stories of 3 mile long lines and hour waits on single lane roads just to park at the venue and then parking fees on top of that.  You might have to walk a few blocks to get from your car to our start line but you won't have to pay to park. 
  3. You won't wait at obstacles.  We love racing.  We hate waiting.  Our history in high level adventure races has given us an extreme distaste for bottle-necks and we intend to avoid them at all costs.  Sure you may have to wait behind a few people when you get to an obstacle, but nothing like what you'll see if you look up some of the first person videos folks seem to like to take when they run through some of the other courses out there.  So how can we assure this?  Well....
  4. We'll have smart starts.  Start waves will be every 20 minutes rather than every 5.  And wave sizes will be limited so as to ensure great flow through the obstacles.  Yeah, we probably won't make  $300,000 putting on this event, but remember why we're different?  We will add waves as necessary to let as many in on the fun as possible, but would rather turn people away that start eroding the experience of everyone,  just for the sake of a little more green.
  5. You'll be treated to a truly unique event.  Sure, we'll have some fun obstacles that seem to be required elements of good mud runs.  We've done our research.  But we're also building this course around a specific location - the Grand Forks Greenway - home of the Red River of the North and the most brutal (perfect) mud in the history of the known universe.  Tie your shoes tightly boys and girls.  You won't be racing out on some remote moto-cross track or ski hill.  You'll be right in the center of the community and everyone in town will be watching you.  Awesome.  We've also got some surprises that we can't tell you about that even mud running veterans will never, ever, have seen before.  Promise.
  6. We're not interested in free rides.  We aren't really interested in inflating peoples ego.  That isn't our job. So while our obstacles will be optional (just like everyone elses), we're going to keep track of how many you skip.  Can't do 'em all?  You still get to cross the finish line but finisher medallions will reflect finisher status.  Miss or fail at a bunch of obstacles and you might end up with the "Uff Da!" Dat der Mud Run was sure sumptin, Ole!"  Better luck next year!