END-SURE 2023 Race Week Email

Hi y'all!
Hope you've been watching the weather, because otherwise this will be a surprise: it's snowy. As we did last year, the race will be held on the four-mile Oak Leaf Trail, with everyone running as many laps as it takes to get the distance they want.
As Race Director Mike writes: "There's way more snow this year." He continues "Realistically thinking that the 25K might be doable in a reasonable amount of time, but 31 miles could be tough and 62 is hard to imagine."

Do Race Directors Really Race?

I (Tim Bauer) began my association with ENDracing by meeting Andy Magness and participating in the inaugural END-SURE in 2013. It was a 50k distance, following a snowmobile track through the Sheyenne National Grasslands starting on a -10F morning. My connection with ENDracing has continued over the years. I am currently the primary director for: END-SURE, END-TICK, END-CHIP, END-TOMBED, and END-TRAILS.

and END-SURE delivers....

The first inaugural Extreme North Dakota Sandhills Ultra Run Experience is over.  And truth be told, it will probably be a quite a few years before we have another one like this.  It was, well, brutal.  While the first half of the course was 'runnable' (if you call doing the old man shuffle at 5 mph - 8 kph running) and offered better than expected trail conditions, the last 13+ miles more than made up for it.

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