Powerful Initials - END-TICK Cancellation

It is interesting how acronyms impact our lives. They can be time saving and fun (lmao, fwiw, tmi) or embarrassing (DNS, DNF in sporting events) and even frightening (COVID-19). Acronyms are symbolic shorthand which express layers of meaning. The events of ENDracing often consist of fun acronyms (SURE, WET, TOMBED), yet what is important to the directors of ENDracing events are people. We want people to push perceived personal limits. We want to provide hospitality and a feeling of community.

Do Race Directors Really Race?

I (Tim Bauer) began my association with ENDracing by meeting Andy Magness and participating in the inaugural END-SURE in 2013. It was a 50k distance, following a snowmobile track through the Sheyenne National Grasslands starting on a -10F morning. My connection with ENDracing has continued over the years. I am currently the primary director for: END-SURE, END-TICK, END-CHIP, END-TOMBED, and END-TRAILS.

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