One shirt to rule them all....

People were asking for shirts, so we got some shirts!  We've ordered 250 USA made T-shirts - 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled PET  (basically old pop bottles).  We've got an assortment of colors available, but due to the nature of being 'green' colors were limited to dyes that were also environmentally friendly.  The shirts are not event specific but instead list all the 2014 ENDracing events on the back and come with a fabric ma

Quality assurance - defining what's important

I don't know why, but i'm fascinated by looking at other races and seeing how they do things compared to how ENDracing does them.  Most notably, i'm interested in what other race directors choose to place importance on.  I've got some of my own ideas as to what is important, but figured since i'm really most interested in serving the racing community, i'd get some feedback.

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