Iceman Update

Hey Iceman racers! (or wannabe racers!)

Having trouble finding a 3rd teammate? Have no fear! We'll be adding a 2-person team option. All 3 events must be divided up between 2 teammates, in whatever fashion desired. Look for the new registration option under Wolfpack here.

It's Winter. Send Us Your Beardcicle!

It's been a rough start to the winter for some of us, but the arctic vortex just meant conditions where primed for great beardcicle formation.  Send in your best beardcicle photos, and we'll be giving away a ColdAvenger face mask and two $25 ENDracing codes to our top three favorites.  If you don't have a beard, that's okay--we'll accept your truly epic face, balaclava, or mask frost photos as well.

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