Iceman Update

Hey Iceman racers! (or wannabe racers!)

Having trouble finding a 3rd teammate? Have no fear! We'll be adding a 2-person team option. All 3 events must be divided up between 2 teammates, in whatever fashion desired. Look for the new registration option under Wolfpack here.

It's Winter. Send Us Your Beardcicle!

It's been a rough start to the winter for some of us, but the arctic vortex just meant conditions where primed for great beardcicle formation.  Send in your best beardcicle photos, and we'll be giving away a ColdAvenger face mask and two $25 ENDracing codes to our top three favorites.  If you don't have a beard, that's okay--we'll accept your truly epic face, balaclava, or mask frost photos as well.

Post Iceman Waxing

This probably doesn’t mean the same thing to me as it does to the thong wearing super-hero from END-IT, but that’s probably a good thing (just teasing – awesome costume).  For me the end of every race brings moments of reflection that for reasons unknown, I sometimes feel like sharing, so here goes.

Coldest day of the year

Well, thats what the radio said anyway. Joel and I thought it fitting to get out on the course.  I was underdressed.  When he left his office is was -13 F, -34 with wind chill.  When i got home the t.v. pegged it at -21/-41.  Needless to say, i wouldn't be disappointed if it only got warmer from here.....

Winter Biking 101 - the basics

So you want to do the Iceman but you're a but you're not sure about the bike leg.  Well, you're not alone.  As those folks who bike year round in any northern city that receives appreciable snowfall can attest to, most people seem to think it's pretty nuts.  I'm here to assure you that it's really not.  In truth, other than the lower temperatures, there are fewer differences than you might think.  The tips below will get you riding through the white stuff on two wheels in no time.

Fall Wrap-Up

We've been busy over the past month!  Late October saw me making my way out to Moab to participate as part of team Yogaslackers in the Checkpoint tracker Adventure Racing National championship.  I barely made it as flight cancellations forced an overnight drive from Grand Forks down to Minneapolis in order to just make a last minute connection to Las Vegas where another long drive got us to Moab just at the tail end of registration, proving once again that often the hardest part of adventure racing is getting to the start line!  We (Yogaslackers)
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