ENDracing, Gen. 2

I (Andy), have moved on. This winter my wife and boys relocated back to New Zealand.  What was initially planned as an extended holiday has transformed into a permanent stay.  In a way, things have come full circle for us--we’re back where we first became a family and back where much of the inspiration for both ENDracing and Ground UP Adventures came from.

It has been an unexpected transition--we left Grand Forks with return tickets, epic plans for ENDracing’s future, and only hoping to reconnect with some friends and enjoy a more ‘mild’ Christmas.  But one thing has led to another and we’ve made the very hard decision not to return and to try and make a proper go of living here.  

The decision was extremely difficult.  North Dakota had been good for us, and good to us, too.  We’d connected closely with an awesome group of people and made friends with hundreds and hundreds of racers, sharing the bond of like-mindedness and a love of challenge.  I’d been lucky enough to follow my passion and share it with all of you.  But on return to NZ we realized we had strong ties here too and ultimately it is the right time to let these relationships flourish.

So what does this mean for ENDracing?  Thankfully, not much.  The organization is alive and well and, thankfully, bigger than just me.  All races will go ahead as scheduled under a great management team, many of whom have been a part of things since the get go.  These guys and gals have spent time on both sides of things--they all started out as racers too, but since have collectively been involved either as racer, staff, or volunteer in every single event we’ve produced.  And I’ll still be giving lots of help to the folks back in ND to make sure things run smoothly and the races live up to their reputation for being, well...ENDracing events.  

But you can do something too!  ENDracing is a community effort--it is really an organization of service.  We come up with and host these events to provide testing grounds and places to meet up with and share adventures with others in the very small group of adventure junkies out there.  We serve you.  ENDracing’s success is your success, and is dependent upon your support.  So although I won’t be behind the microphone talking to you about the days coming challenges, you better keep coming out!  In truth, ENDracing belongs to the community--if you’ve raced with us you are part of that community.  It will thrive and bring it’s challenges to you as long as you want it to--as long as you keep making it to the startline, keeping bringing your friends, and keep volunteering when you are able. 

So here’s to the changing of the guard.  Here’s to ENDracing’s generation two.  Here’s to another great year.  Race hard everyone!

Andy is still doing all sorts of things, just in a different part of the world.  You can follow along and contact him through on his website, UltraMentalBook.com.



Iceman Update

Hey Iceman racers! (or wannabe racers!)

Having trouble finding a 3rd teammate? Have no fear! We'll be adding a 2-person team option. All 3 events must be divided up between 2 teammates, in whatever fashion desired. Look for the new registration option under Wolfpack here.

As a heads up, if we don't see any meaningful snowfall over the next few weeks, the ski leg will unfortunately be eliminated. Any final decision about turning this into a duathlon (run-bike-run) will be made during the week of the race.

Happy training!



Everybody Wins!

It's only taken just shy of four decades, but I'm lucky to count myself in the number of people who has been able to eke out a living doing something I'm soaked to the bone passionate about. And I'm happy to say that it looks like 2015 will be another year full of epic events, awesome race reports, willful-personal-boundary-expanding-suffering, and inspiration.  Now that the 2014 season is over and there is time for a quick deep breath before the main work of next year begins, I find myself thinking about the core values of ENDracing and what changes and improvements to make going forward.    

The value that our team is trying to offer with ENDracing events has nothing to do with gear or prizes. It is a value of experience.  

Admitting this, seeking to attract participants with the size of a prize pool, finisher awards, or swag would be disengenuous.  While we will continue to offer some level of prizing at our events (and hope to do a better job of communicating in advanced what the prizes will be), we are going to be spending less time worrying about this aspect of race production and more time on other elements.  

Participants attending our events motivated by a desire for the experience are more than likely to leave extremely satisfied. As such, since these are the types of racers our events are designed for, we've decided one component of our prizing in 2015 will be transferrable ENDracing event credit--cash value towards future events.  Local and regional racers earning the credit will save money on their next effort and folks travelling in for some of the bigger events can either make a new annual tradition or pass on the reward to help someone else come out and test themselves, ENDracing style.  We're also seeking support from a few key local companies and a few national ones--folks that get what we do and want to support us even though we're small.

So here is our prizing plan for this year, all laid out nice and pretty: 

All events will feature transferrable race credit (in various amounts) for podium placing.  We're also hoping to give away high quality race garb (ibex or greenlayer) for podium finishers.  In addition, we'll try to have some event specific prizing as follows (subject to change of course)...

Iceman: Cold Avenger masks

END-SURE: 100K finisher awards (similar to wine punts or other commemorative items)

END-SPAR: NAARS premium race prize pack

END-WET: Blue Seventy gear

Wilderman: Blue Seventy gear, plus other sponsor gear in the works.

Uff Da: Cash for elite (and possibly Ultra!), socks or buffs for all racers, finisher awards (similar to 2014)

Double Feature: Gift Cards or event specific gear (TBD)

All this being said, we want to reiterate the idea that there are easier ways to get gear that will always be far less taxing on your body and probably your wallet too.  As far as ways to test the limits of your potential and gain exposure to some of that willful-personal-boundary-expanding-suffering, however, our races will continue to offer an exceptional value.  

Happy training.

Andy and the ENDracing team

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