About ENDracing

What makes ENDraces different?  

Our goals. We are not a profit driven event company. We began, and still very much are, grass-roots (read: this is not a full-time job, and volunteers are awesome). Our mission is to provide top quality, challenging events that force people out of their comfort zone.  We aim to make them as affordable as possible by focusing only on what matters in creating good experiences, and relying on our years as dirt-bag climbers to keep costs down.  We favor smaller intimate races over big ones, feeling that 'our' type of adventure is served by some level of solitude; and that the sort of camaraderie that builds lasting friendships and community is harder to find when there are thousands at the start line instead of hundreds or dozens. 

For more on our philosophy, spend some time on our blog.

Whats with all the different types of races? 

Good question.  One of the things that drives us is variety, and the eternal question - can we do it?  We've developed the series so that there is something for everyone, and then a very special something for that rare individual that wants to answer that same question across a very broad spectrum.  Yeah, there are loads of athletes that really excell at a particular pursuit, but rare indeed is the individual that could tackle all of the challenges we offer.  If you're one of those that can, there's an even greater challenge - enter every race in the premiere category and finish.  Yep, this means swimming 36 miles.  And finishing the full course on the Adventure Races. And making it into the Undead Hall of Fame.  We're not sure it is even possible.  But we're sure looking foward to meeting those of you who are, like us, dying to find out.  

Can I transfer my registration?

Yes.  We understand that people get injured, life gets in the way, and bad things happen.  If you can find someone to take your place--awesome!  We will transfer your registration for free for all races except the Uff Da Mud Run, for which we charge a small fee due to volume.  See our Refund Policy.

Are you hiring?

We're always looking for ENDracers who are looking for more involvement. If you think you bring a particular set of skills to the table for directing or helping out with one race, several or behind-the-scenes, get in touch.

I have more questions!

Send us a message on our contact page and we'll try to help.