ENDracing wouldn't be anywhere without a great group of volunteers who have helped us over the years. If you're interested in giving back to the local racing community, you can sign up to volunteer for an upcoming event by filling out the form below.

There is a Facebook group you can join to ask questions as well: ENDracing Volunteers

We are a North Dakota nonprofit and happy to sign off on volunteer hours.

2022 Volunteers

We have several races in 2022 (see the front page). If you're interested in helping out at a particular race, please read through the information about that race and get in touch with us through this form. Feel free to ask questions!

We'll reach out to groups of volunteers periodically, so please save the race date(s) after you submit the form.

Our big volunteer needs are (but are not limited to):

  • Support paddlers for the END-WET downriver swim. Little experience necessary (and you're paddling pretty slowly), but it's a long day on the water. We'll have canoes and kayaks available, but bringing your own helps us out.
  • Safety motorboats for END-WET. We need to have at least one EMT/safety/emergency-drop boat patrolling the river for the duration of the race.
    • We reimburse boat and vehicle gas, other payment negotiable (at least $150).
    • If you have an afternoon free during race week, we also set up mile markers on the course.
  • Remote aid station volunteers for the Wilderman triathlon. CPR/first aid/wilderness rescue/EMT training is nice to have but not required. Bonus if you can bring an ATV to shuttle yourself and supplies around.
    • If you have a ham radio license, please include your license class or call sign. We're interested in ham radio operators to cover parts of the course that don't have cell reception.
      • For non-hams, the reason for this is so we can legally use radios with more power and local repeaters. If you're interested in getting a license, please reach out.

Other volunteer needs include:

  • Timing for various races.
  • Aid station personnel (help people fill up on food and water, basic first aid if needed, etc.)
  • Course setup and teardown (notably for Wilderman, END-TOMBED, END-TRAILS)
  • Social media updates (if you like doing this sort of thing)
Include where/how you can help or any special skills you may have.
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