May 2022

Seeking END-WET Volunteers || Wilderman 2022


It's finally Spring-ish here in the Grand Forks area, which means that END-WET ( is somehow almost upon us again! Race day is June 18th.

We are looking for a few more volunteers for END-WET. It looks like a fast year on the river (see the course book for some flow information: Head to the volunteer page to let us know you're interested: .
Support paddlers get $160 per boat, we can supply a boat if you don't have one.

# Wilderman

The Wilderman offroad ferrous-metal-distance triathlon is scheduled for July 16-17 this year. Details and registration available at . See who's signed up already at .

We're looking for volunteers there as well, so head to to let us know who you are. The race is 28 hours or so, but we don't expect everyone to be available for the whole time.

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