END-SURE Course Book

General details are the same, 2020 details and maps will be added early in the year.

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Contact Information

We'll give you some phone numbers at the race start for emergencies. If you have questions before then, feel free to contact us in any number of ways:


Pre-race check-in will occur on Friday, March 22 (5-7pm) at Body in Balance Chiropractic (1207 Prairie Parkway, West Fargo, ND). Dr. Amy will be available to answer questions, provide taping ($5.00 for single application), and assist with minor aches and pains. It is especially important for 100k, 50k, and 25k participants to take advantage of check-in. The open, cool, and possibly windy beauty of Jorgen’s Hollow Campground makes waiver signing, bib placement, and general check-in difficult. It also takes volunteers away from other duties that help make the event start on time and flow gracefully.  Also, please print, sign, and bring your waiver to check-in. Performing this simple act saves in having extra waivers printed.


100M: 100 mile participants, there will be some time at Jorgen’s Hollow Campground prior to the start for turning in waivers, giving your drop bags, etc. Race director will be at the Campground by 9:30pm.


Race Day Check-In: This will be available 30 minutes prior to the start of the various distances or prior to the vans leaving to transport the 50k participants.  Please use this option sparingly.


Parking: Parking will be very limited, so please carpool if you can! (updated 2019-03-21)

Start times


Start Time

Cutoff Time


10 PM Friday

Midnight Saturday (26 hours)*


8 AM (start at Jorgen's Hollow)

Midnight (16 hours)


11 AM (bus leaves Jorgen's Hollow at 10:10)

9 PM (10 hours)


1 PM (start at Jorgen's Hollow)

6 PM (5 hours)

*The midnight cutoff for the 100 mile participants is suggested, but not a “hard” cutoff.  Anyone attempting this distance should be able to maintain a 4mph average. As access by vehicle is limited in many portions of the Sheyenne National Grasslands, participants are responsible for making it from checkpoint to checkpoint.

Location and Course Description

Sheyenne National Grasslands, approx. 45 minutes SW of Fargo, ND.  The race base (start and finish) will be in Jorgen’s Hollow Campground on Richland County Road 23 (6147 Co Rd 23, McLeod, ND 58057). Richland County Road 23 is a wide gravel road.  Please park in the large lot adjacent to Richland County Road 23. The parking lot isn't striped, so be visual enough to leave space for others when you park in rows as the day progresses. We are using the Campground parking for volunteers, shuttle vans, and those who may camp prior or after the event. One of the bathrooms (vault toilet) will be open for our use.  The drive from Fargo takes between 45 minutes and an hour, so allow time. Thanks in advance for your help.


If Jorgen’s Hollow Campgrounds isn’t listed on your mapping device, try Sheyenne Oaks Horse Camp. That facility is about 1.5 miles north of Jorgen’s Hollow Campground on Richland County Road 23.  You may also access directions on the US Forest Service web page for the Dakota Prairie Grassland.


During the inaugural year (2013 mid March) runners faced over a foot of brand new snow on the trail.  In 2018 the trail was a mixture of snow, slush, and ice. You should be prepared for an 'all conditions race.' Yeah, it is possible that the trail will be dry and in awesome conditions, but it isn't exactly likely.  While we expect some sections of dry, fast running, also expect challenging sections of the race including plenty of miles of 'spring conditions'.


The NE portion of the course (all participants are in this section) is characterized by small but frequent rolling hills and oak savannahs. The SW section (miles 1-15 on the Grasslands map) which the 50k, 100k, and 100 mile participants will be on is more exposed, flatter, and faster than the NE area. The North Country Trail in the SW section is a bit more difficult to follow, but it will be well marked. Runners are responsible for following the route. The indentations in the terrain, as well as small rock gravel on the prairie are indications that you’re on the trail. Also, large wooden posts with North Country Scenic trail emblems on them are useful guides. Temporary markings for the event will be placed in this section, as well.


The 100M, 100K and 25K will begin and end at Jorgen’s Hollow Campground.  We’ll be using the Oak Leaf Trail Loop /North Country Trail for these 3 distances. This loop is located to the east of the Campgrounds. There will be NO road running for the 100K, 50K, and 25K. Everything will be on the North Country Trail.  Also, be aware that due to melting and areas where the water table is high, wet spots will occur. These can be by-passed if you desire, but know that your shoes and feet will probably get damp. The 100M, 100K and 50K participants will have sections of boardwalk or puncheons that will take them over areas that are usually wet and muddy.


100 Mile  - It begins at Jorgen’s Hollow Campground with 2 loops (8 miles total) on the Oak Leaf/North Country Trail. After these miles you’ll be on the North Country Trail until you reach the Middle Trailhead at Ransom County Road 53. (13.3 miles). At this point you’ll be on gravel roads going north, east, and south in order to return to Jorgen’s Hollow Campground.  (17.2 miles) Once again you’ll go onto the North Country Trail. This time upon reaching the Middle Trailhead (13.3 miles) you’ll stay on the North Country Trail until you reach the West Trailhead (15 miles) at Ransom County Road 54. At this point you’ll turn around and basically continue north on the Trail. Near mile 9.5 you’ll leave the NCT to run on gravel roads going west, north, east, and south until you reach the Middle Trailhead (12.8 miles). At this point you return to the North Country Trail and complete your adventure at Jorgen’s Hollow Campground. (13.3 miles). Your total distance will be close to 103 miles.


100k  - It begins at Jorgen’s Hollow Campground. It’ll be an out & back on the North Country Trail. At the Aid Station at Forest Road 1237 (see map – Exhibit A) you’ll have a short (2.7 mile total) out & back. This will be done twice (each time you get to this Aid Station). You’ll have access to drop bags at the West Trailhead.


50k  - It begins at the West Trailhead of the North Country Trail on Ransom County Road 54 and ends at the Jorgen’s Hollow Campground. It’s a point-to-point run with an out & back at the Aid Station at Forest Road 1237 (see map-Exhibit A). If you need transportation to the West Trailhead, vans will leave from Jorgen’s Hollow Campground at about 10:10am. There will be a portable toilet at the West Trailhead.


25k  -  It begins by heading south on the Oak Leaf Trail. After a 4 mile loop which includes the North Country Trail, you’ll return to Jorgen’s Hollow. Now you’ll continue on the North Country Trail, basically heading west. At the Aid Station at Forest Road 1237 (see map-Exhibit A), you’ll turn around and come back to Jorgen’s Hollow and the finish line.


There will be post-race refreshments, food, and camaraderie at Jorgen's Hollow Campground.

Portable Toilets

This year there will be portable toilets available: 2 at the Middle Trailhead and 1 at the West Trailhead. Jorgen’s Hollow has enclosed, vault toilets for our use.


The Trail is easily followed due its usage, signage, and the gravel/ stone layer that is evident on the trail. Other cattle trails and vehicle trails intersect the North Country Trail, but these will be marked to help you remain on the Trail.  The SW section of the trail now has trail markers. In addition to our markings, the NE section will have various style North Country Trail markers as well as mile markers (see photo). Note, the mile markers count up from the SW to the NE.


Some accommodation is available in Lisbon ND, which is about 25 minutes from race start.  Fargo, ND is the nearest major city with ample accommodation options and is about 45 minutes to 1 hour from the race start.


If you want to camp at Jorgen’s Hollow Campground prior to or following the event you are welcomed to do so. As of now camping is free. There are two vault toilets which are in buildings. The hand pump to access water may not be activated prior to the event.


Gear List

Although there will be aid stations, racers should be self-sufficient. Some distances are required to carry a minimum amount of gear.  This gear list may be modified prior to race day depending on weather forecasts and/or actual race day conditions.


Emergency contact numbers will be provided upon check in. It is your responsibility to program these into your cell phone to be used in case of an emergency that requires assistance from staff organizers. Cell coverage has improved in the Grasslands over the years although there still may be areas with minimal or no coverage. The bold items are strongly recommended for your distance.


  • 20oz water capacity
  • cell phone**
  • extra socks
  • wind/rain jacket (weather dependent)
  • waterproof shoes


  • 1 liter water capacity

  • cell phone**

  • extra socks

  • wind/rain jacket (weather dependent)

  • waterproof shoes



  • 1.5 liter hydration capacity--100K: the race will start with 16 miles without aid stations

  • Headlamp/flashlight* with extra batteries

  • cell phone**

  • extra socks

  • wind/rain jacket

  • extra mid layer

  • waterproof shoes

  • food


Drop Bags

100 Mile and 100k participants will be able to have drop bags along the route.  The West Trailhead is the only location for 100k drop bags. 100 mile runners can have a bag at Jorgen’s Hollow to access after your initial 38.5 mile distance. You can then have one at the West Trailhead Aid Station.


The headlamp/flashlight can be part of this drop bag.  The bag must be clearly labelled with your name and sealed to prevent articles from coming out.  You may leave anything you want in the sealed bag when you start the second half of the course and it will be brought back to the finish line for you.  Articles not put in your sealed bag will be thrown in the trash.



As mentioned above, a phone number list will be provided to participants at check in.  This is your lifeline. Although cell service can be spotty, due to the flat nature of North Dakota most of the course does get it.  We will have several vehicles dedicated to ‘extraction’ but if at all possible, please try to drop at an aid station. If you simply can’t make it to an aid station, we will ask you to describe your location in terms of last aid station passed, time on the trail from that aid station, last mile marker passed, etc. to determine the best route to access you on the trail.  Be prepared to wait it out, help may take some time to arrive!


More Information

Following the races there will be an array of food and refreshments at the parking area.


Live coverage

We welcome those of you with time and multimedia capabilities to participate with updates, thoughts from the trail, selfies, tweets, instagrams, etc.  We will provide more details on how to do this prior to the race, but if you’d like to get a head start, please use hashtag #ENDSURE, stop by the ENDracing Facebook page or heckle us at @ENDracing on Twitter and @endracing_gf on Instagram. After the race, we'd love to add your race reports to our website, please send them to us in any format you want.



Profits from this event--and all ENDracing events--will help support Ground Up Adventures, a 501(c)(3) non-profit based on North Dakota dedicated to helping kids get as much adventure as we wished we had growing up.