Refund/Transfer and Cancellation Policy

The Bad News

Sorry, there are no refunds of your registration fee if the race happens, and the race will happen under all weather conditions, unless the interstates are closed or a critical venue disallows our use. In event of such severe weather, a modified course may be offered on the same day or an alternate date chosen. Registered racers unable to make the new date would be offered credit towards another ENDracing event in an amount equal to 100% of the registration cost.  

If the event is canceled entirely due to weather, flood, venue closure, or natural disaster, all registered racers will receive the option of a 75% refund or 100% race credit.  In the extremely unlikely event that the event is cancelled for other reasons (lack of participant numbers, for example), full refunds will be provided, of course.

We do not refund price differences if you transfer to another distance at the same race (e.g., transfer from Wilderman Full to Wilderman Half).

The Good News

If you cannot make it to a race due to injury or some other reason, you are perfectly welcome to give or sell your entry to a friend or enemy. All that we ask is that you drop us a line to tell us who will be racing in your place. If you can't make it, we'd rather someone else could than an entry going to waste. You're responsible for any money changing hands--we don't want to be involved, and will not issue refunds.

Under special circumstances for certain races, we may be able to defer your entry until the following year. This is a one-time deal, so if you skip two years of a race, you'll have to pay registration again. We urge you to find a home for your race entry rather than deferring, because that will keep the numbers up and allow everyone to have a better experience.

If you have questions, please use the contact form to send us a message.