Double Feature Course Book


END-TOMBED & END-TRAILS Combined Logistics and Rules

Extreme North Dakota Twelve (h)Our Mountain Bike of Enduring Delirium

Extreme North Dakota Terrifying Run Amongst Innumerable Lost Souls

These races are happening on the same weekend but on different days.  General rules/notes are the same for both races, but race-specific information will be called out as needed.  


In 2023 we will be at the CHALET! Warming space inside, but you can can also bring an ice house, camp chairs, warm blankets, and anything else to keep you going when you take a break if you want to stay outside.



Turtle River State Park

October 28, 2023 END-TOMBED

October 29, 2023 END-TRAILS



Saturday and Sunday:

  • Racer check-in and registration 6:00-7:30 am at Turtle River State Park (TRSP), Chalet (Forest Street South; OpenStreetMap location).

  • Required prerace meeting 7:30 am, Chalet

  • END-TOMBED: Le Mans (running) start 8:00 am SATURDAY.  Racers will start on an approximately ½-mile loop, come back to the bikes, and start riding.

  • END-TRAILS 24H: Running start 8:00 pm SATURDAY.

  • END-TRAILS 6/12H: Running start 8:00 am SUNDAY.

  • The race will last exactly 12 (or 6 or 24) hours from when it starts, as shown on the official race clock at the finish line.


Food: There will be various race/snack food available, but no meal this year.


Directions: Turtle River State Park, near Arvilla ND. From I-29 near Grand Forks, head west on State Highway 2 for about 17.9 miles. Turn right into Turtle River State Park. Proceed into the park and take the first left, then turn right to the Chalet. Do not park on the grass.



You need a parking permit for Turtle River State Park (one per vehicle, not per person) which is $7/vehicle. If you don't have one, please either 1) purchase online from the ND State Parks website, 2) purchase from our website (day pass only), or 3) bring exactly $7 in cash. Please ask supporters/other visitors to stop at the park office and get a $7 day pass. Carpooling is best if you can arrange it to both save money and allow more racers to park close to race HQ.


Camping Info:  

Primitive and RV camping sites are available. Contact Turtle River State Park for reservation and availability.  Fees required, check directly with TRSP at  Please call ahead for arrangements during regular business hours.


Miscellaneous:  Indoor toilets at the Chalet. There are no on-site food options for guests so please have your friends/fans/family plan accordingly. The closest store is a few miles away. Drinking water available at the Chalet and campsites.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of the race due to rain, snow, wind, state health guidelines or attacks by massive zombie armies is entirely possible and is the sole decision of the race directors in communication with park officials at Turtle River State Park. Notification of cancellation may be made minutes before/after the start of the race. Participants may receive a partial refund to be used at any future ENDracing event. We hope this doesn’t have to happen though. Refund policy.


Format:   Up to 4-person teams any rotation. Race as long as you want. Take as many breaks as you want. Race and ride in any order combination you want. Only one racer from each team is allowed on the course at any given time. END-TOMBED has a Le Mans style start (you gotsta run). The racer that leaves the transition zone (see below) must finish the entire lap before tagging their teammate for the next lap.


Course Maps:

Subject to minor changes. Updated 2022-10-28.


END-TOMBED, ~9 miles per lap. "Z" markers show new switchbacks, use caution. Red markers show closed trails. Start at green marker and travel west.


END-TRAILS, ~6.4 miles per lap. "Z" markers show new switchbacks, use caution. Red markers show closed trails. Start at green marker and travel west. 24-hour runners will use north loop of course (~4 miles) for first 12 hours. Any 24-hour runners coming in after 12 hours will do both south and then north loops. 6-hr, 12-hr, and Imp runners will do both south and then north loops.



  • All numbers must be on the front of your bike or body and visible to the timing table at the end of each lap.

  • END-TOMBED: You must physically TOUCH your teammate to make an official transition.

  • END-TRAILS: You must transfer your team bib number to the next runner to make an official transition.

  • All transitions must be made in designated transition areas after passing through the lap check in / finish area.

  • Riders/runners coming through the finish line MUST make sure that their race number is visible to timekeepers.  If you do not hear your number from the timekeepers when you pass through, you need to make sure they saw you (come on back).


Required Equipment:

  • END-TOMBED: Helmet

  • END-TOMBED: Working bicycle (you could all ride the same one if you want)

  • END-TOMBED: Front light and rear light (or rear reflector) for night riding (~7-8pm)

  • END-TRAILS: Head/hand light for early morning and late-race running.

  • END-TRAILS: Method of transferring your number between team members.  Elastic waist belt, other article of clothing, etc.

  • Brrrraaaaaiiiiinnnnnsssssss…….


General Rules  

  • If you or your team drops out, you must notify a volunteer at the timing table (finish line). Note that if a team member drops out (decides not to ride any more laps) it does not affect your team results.

  • Teams consist of up to 4 members.  

  • Cutting the course or any form of cheating (changing course markings, fisticuffs, etc.) will result in automatic disqualification of entire team.  

  • Team/racer with most laps wins, tie breakers will be determined by fastest overall time.  

  • Each racer must check in and out at timing table before continuing.  

  • Each racer that begins a lap must finish the same lap.  

  • Racer changes can only be made in the transition area  

  • Each team will be issued a Race Number (plate or bib)

  • Each racer must wear Race Number for the entire lap.  

  • Loss of Bib will result in a 15-minute penalty.  

  • Transfer of Race Number or tag transitions to next rider/runner may only be done at scoring/transition area.  

  • All transfers of equipment must be done in transition area.  

  • END-TOMBED: All bikes must pass visual safety inspection before entering race course.  Race officials reserve the right to do safety inspections at any time before or during the race.

  • END-TOMBED: Working headlight and taillight (or red reflector) must be used after dusk.  

  • END-TRAILS: Working headlamp or handheld light must be carried after dusk.

  • To pass other riders/runners on the trail be courteous and wait for appropriate locations.

  • END-TOMBED: All on-trail bike repairs must be done by the racers themselves with no outside assistance.  

  • END-TOMBED: All assisted repairs must be done in transition area. Act responsibly and have fun!  


Note for Zombie (solo) racers:

There will be a zombie only transition area where you may leave coolers, food, gear, and anything else you may want during the race. It will be located along the race course directly after passing through the start/finish. You may use this area as a staging area during the race. This is also an area where your support crew (if you’re lucky enough to have one) can hang out and feed you and give massages. Vehicles may be accessed as part of this transition area--in the past people have left transition gear in truck beds, etc.


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