Wilderman needs racers, END-WET closing soon, END-BACKYARD is new

Hi Folks,

Quick updates (aren't they all quick? do people have time to read long emails anymore? maybe one email a day for three days would be better?) about the next three races.

END-WET registration closes at the end of May. Don't forget to figure out your own paddler! https://endracing.com/end-wet.
We can always use volunteers for this race, especially those who like to a) drive around back roads in the morning and b) hang out by the river in the afternoon.

WILDERMAN is approaching a go/no-go decision point at the end of May (solidarity with project managers who just shuddered reading that phrase). We have 9 full, 5 half, and no teams signed up. Full text below, but we need at least SIX more racers or teams for Wilderman to happen. We have no teams yet, but if you like to ride a bike and/or run, let us know and we can help you put together a relay that uses a randomly assigned swimmer. How's that for some fun? https://endracing.com/wilderman. Volunteers also appreciated, especially those who like to a) drive around back roads (a theme is emerging) and b) stay up late to watch super tired people try to walk up hills.
> Minimum number of FULL racers: 10 by June 1st. We will hold the FULL distance race if we get at least 10 full racers (teams count as 1) by this date and meet the minimum 20 racers overall. If we meet the 20 racers overall but not 10 full racers, we will only hold the half. Folks registered for the full can choose to transfer to the half (and difference refunded), a full refund, or race credit.

END-BACKYARD is a NEW RACE (can I use MORE CAPITALS?) in 2024. https://endracing.com/end-backyard. Description below. Volunteers for this event are probably those who like to a) stare at race clocks and b) spend an inordinate amount of effort trying to predict who will win.
> The standard backyard ultra has a course 4 miles, 880 feet (6.7056 km) long. All runners start each lap ("yard") together, once an hour. If you aren't in the starting corral when the hour starts, you are eliminated (you can totally hang around and cheer for folks). The last person who can start, wins.


The END-WET 2024 Guest Swimmer is....

Hello everyone,

In 2024 we are welcoming back a multiple time END-WET winner as our guest swimmer.  Please join me in welcoming Sandra Frimerman-Bergquist.

Sandra has written a bio for us which I have included below:

I was born in Walnut Creek, CA. I grew up in Eden Prairie,Minnesota. I started swimming after Janet Evans Olympic performance in Seoul against the East Germans. After trying a local 5 mile lake swim I knew that I was much better suited for open water rather than the constraints of the pool. I went to and swam at Eden prairie high school. I swam at the University of Northern Iowa setting 4 school records and at St. Cloud State University. Studying environmental studies and water treatment. I decided to make it my goal to become a professional athlete after attending an open water safety conference in 2011 and learning about the FINA world marathon and ultramarathon series. Specifically the famed Traversee Internationale du Lac St. Jean 32KM Crossing. Along the way, I have completed over 42 swims of 10km or longer since 2012. My first swim of 10km or more came at the 27mile edition of END-WET in 2012, To completing the 36mile version of END-WET 4 consecutive times. 

I accomplished my dream of becoming a "professional" Swimmer in 2018 with 2 FINA Marathon Series 10km races in Canada. I reached my other goal of the completing the Traversee du lac St. Jean swim in 2019, along with another famed Ultramarathon, the 54th edition of The Maratono Del Golfo Capri Napoli, a 36KM swim from the Island of Capri to Naples, Italy.  

I have competed in Masters swimming since 2005, compiling 77 individual Top Ten times & 22 relay Top Ten times. I have been USMS Open Water National Champion 4 times. I swim to raise awareness of mental illness and breaking the stigma associated with mental illness. To show anyone who is struggling that things can be better. In 2021 I moved to Florida from Minnesota.

END-SURE and Double Feature price bumps March 1st

Hi all,

We're getting some good snow and wicked wind here in Grand Forks today, which means it's a great day to think about our 2024 shoulder-season races, END-SURE (March 23) and the END-TOMBED/END-TRAILS Double Feature (October 26-27)! Prices are going to bump up on Friday, March 1 for those races.

Here is a reminder list of events coming up this year, along with some Facebook event links.

- END-SURE, March 23, https://endracing.com/end-sure, https://www.facebook.com/events/1931614937259096/
- END-WET, June 15, https://endracing.com/end-wet, https://www.facebook.com/events/402177728878611/
- Wilderman, July 20-21, https://endracing.com/wilderman, https://www.facebook.com/events/1393919538163027/
- END-BACKYARD, August 3, https://endracing.com/end-backyard, https://www.facebook.com/events/299026489849061/
- END-PULSE, October 19, https://endracing.com/end-pulse, https://www.facebook.com/events/7083174538402967/
- END-TOMBED, October 26, https://endracing.com/end-tombed, https://www.facebook.com/events/875885427609351/
- END-TRAILS, October 27, https://endracing.com/end-trails, https://www.facebook.com/events/875885427609351/

Have a good one!

END crew

Registration bumps 2/2 and END-BACKYARD

Hey lovely racers,

Last-minute note that because Beek's real job keeps getting in the way, registration increases for the following races will be tomorrow (2/2) instead of today.

- END-SURE https://endracing.com/end-sure
- END-WET https://endracing.com/end-wet
- Wilderman https://endracing.com/wilderman
- END-PULSE https://endracing.com/end-pulse

We're also super excited to announce a new event in Jamestown on August 3rd: END-BACKYARD

It's a backyard ultra (https://backyardultra.com/) here in North Dakota! Racers will run loops that are 4 miles 880 ft long, starting one loop every hour. If you aren't there to start a loop at the top of the hour, you're eliminated. The last human running (after however many hours or "yards") wins. Sounds exhausting, and you should totally sign up.

Check it out at https://endracing.com/end-backyard


- END crew/gang/team/whatever we call ourselves in aggregate these days

2024 ENDracing Registration Open Now!

Friendly update that we've now opened registration for all the 2024 races. See direct links below. Happy planning!


ENDfriends: Thanks for a fun 2023!  Hope you all enjoy the holidays however you choose to spend them.  We’ll continue to play outside as much as possible!

The purpose of this email is to announce our 2024 dates for all currently planned races.  Registration will open this weekend, so hurry and get signed up!!

They are:

- END-SURE – March 23, 2024 (distance options announced soon) https://endracing.com/end-sure
- END-WET – June 15, 2024 (36 miles!!) https://endracing.com/end-wet
- Wilderman – July 20-21, 2024 (Half, Full and Team options) https://endracing.com/wilderman
- END-PULSE – October 19, 2024 (50K) https://endracing.com/end-pulse
- END-TOMBED – October 26 (6-hour & 12-hour MTB loop race) https://endracing.com/end-tombed
- END-TRAILS – October 27 (6-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour loop run …one loop option also available) https://endracing.com/end-trails

We are trying to make one additional “new-to-us”  event work, so stay tuned for more fun on your feet.

Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us at ENDracing!


Joel, Beek, Don and Mike