January 2013

END-WET secrets

We might have a secret about END-WET that we're going to let out of the bag soon.  Or we might not.  It has nothing to do with aligators in the river, so don't worry - but we do think it's pretty darn exciting.  We have reason to believe that if the secret comes to pass it might lead to some more big news about this little race of ours.  Stay tuned, you won't have to wait too long to find out one way or another.  Here's a hint - MM.  Yeah, we know...we can be a cryptic bunch. 

We double dog dare you to take the END-BOB challenge Saturday, June 15!!

The Extreme North Dakota Bike, Orienteering and Boat Race (END-BOB) is a new event this year.  It combines biking, orienteering and canoeing (or other boat), resulting in a challenging (but still fun) event. 

Note date change: Saturday, June 15th.

This event will be challenging for big-time competitors trying to set speed records, but doable and enjoyable for kids, adults, and adults who like to behave like kids.

We have a fantastic greeway in Grand Forks with great bike trails along the river and through the woods, and we have a great canoeing river (provided the wind is not blowing from the north) -- so this race will feature the best of the best. 

Come join us.