6 Reasons to do END-TOMBED (in case you need any more)

  1. you can paint your face, dress up, and act like a zombie.  Don't have all the face painting gear?  we'll have someone on-site who will be able to make you look even 'deader' than you feel between laps! (donations encouraged)
  2. 12 hours of mountain biking!!!!!
  3. S'mores (yeah, we're going to try and have some of the fixins around for folks to enjoy after dark)
  4. YOUR playlist... thats right - you'll get to hear your favorite song (keep it clean folks, or at least use the radio edit!) as you come through the race HQ.  
  5. Pumpkin carving!  we'll have a bunch of pumpkins available (donations encouraged) to keep you busy while team-mates are charging the course.  Bring your own carving tools - we'll have prizes for best pumpkin at the awards ceremony!
  6. Awesome halloween pictures!  ENDracing is blessed to have connections with superbly talented photographers who will be out there snapping pictures all day.  We never charge extra money to download these.
Don't forget - early registration ends October 7th!

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