END-SURE Director's Cut (Part 2)

FYI: All of the people helping to facilitate and direct the events for ENDracing are part-time. This means we all have other jobs, responsibilities, and families capturing our attention. I'm the oldest of the race directors. My children are adults and live in opposite parts of the county. This provides me with flexibility to devote energies to events that never seem to be the same, such as END-SURE.

FIRST: In every event I direct, volunteer, or participate I find something meaningful. I've have come to embrace what I cannot change (which is a lot!).The 2019 edition of END-SURE to this point has developed my skills in snowshoeing, allowed me to learn about packing snow, and brought me into the beauty of blizzards, powder snow, ice, fog, melting, sloppy dirt roads, and unique siting too numerous to mention. When I don't fight the process I have energy to absorb part of what nature can teach.

SECOND: If you have never run on deep snow which has been packed and is a stage of melting here are some things I have learned:   

  • Snow conditions and consistency change constantly depending upon sun, wind, open country, or forest. 
  • Cold, powder snow responds differently from warm, wet snow.
  • Footsteps tend to provide a "pot-holded" surface in comparison to snowshoes.
  • There is little "push-off" on snow, especially when wet.
  • Getting off the packed trail will be immediately noticed.

FINALLY: END-SURE will be a unique adventure. It may be the most difficult, frustrating, unique, physically + emotionally challenging thing you have done in recent memory. You may use muscles that haven't been called upon in years. You will get wet, post-hole, get muddy + gritty, and wonder why you signed up for the event. You may long for past years of running in the Sheyenne National Grasslands on the North Country Trail. Come and embrace what the day, the distance, and nature provide. I have learned to place less value on finishing and more value on discovery.


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