Everyone's happy!

Email from happy sponsors!

Just wanted to thank those racers who have been showing love to our sponsors!  As you can see from the above email, it's really a win-win..... happy sponsors means more and better prizes which means we can give away way more stuff than we should be able to given the price of the race, which means racers get to be happy for two reasons, which means they spread the word about the race and future races fill up which means all the hard work of the race directors and volunteers is enjoyed by more people which of course makes the sponsors happy as well.

If you haven't contacted sponsors yet, don't think it's too late.... there really is no timeline on these things.  These companies are hand-picked by ENDracing and Yogaslackers because we like them, their business practices, and we actually use their products, which is why we promote them.

Cheers everyone!

ENDracing team.

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