Orienteering clinic update

well, it's the morning of the orienteering clinic and there's a dusting of snow.  some folks have been texting or emailing me in regards to whether the clinic is still on.  It is.

It remains to be seen whether I'll packraft or not - i'm still planning to bring my boats along so folks can check them out, and i'll be happy to help with the building of hand paddles, answer any questions, etc.  If a handful of people show up keen to give it a go and properly equipped we probably will go ahead and do it.

Properly equipped here means good gloves, boots, possibly neoprene socks, etc.  the water won't have cooled off tremendously but it was cold to begin with and the cold air temperature will feel even colder on wet skin.

Good news is that next Sunday looks pretty good--60 to 65 degrees--perfect for racing).  Of course it is an adventure race so really any weather is ideal.....



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