Sponsor Love, END-SPAR 2011 results, and video number 1!

We'll make it easy for you - here are some email links to all of this year's wonderful sponsors.  
Don't be shy, send them some love (pics, stories, words of thanks, whatever you want...) I promise they will return the favor at our next race. Now that you've taken care of business - have a look at the results and then check out the first race video below.  There will be another one eventually, but you may have to be patient.  Videographer and editor extraordinaire Jason Magness has a bit on his plate at the moment with his first (and perhaps only) Yogaslacker teacher training coming up.  I anticipate that tripling the number of Yogaslackers out there over a two week period will have major global consequences - we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out (;
Finally, we've got some big plans coming up - ENDracing kits from Ibex and a gear store offering discounts on everything you need for racing (at our parent site, GroundUPadventures) to name a few - so make sure to join our mailing list if you haven't already so that you can be filled in every month on what's coming up and what you've missed.  Cheers everyone!  

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