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Life has highs and lows, and mine usually depend on how recently I've eaten and/or had a cup of coffee. At those low points when I'm stressed or between means, I can't even look at social media, let alone be bothered to think of something witty to write or a fantastic photo* to publish. I get over it, but as a race director, these lapses of excitement sometimes manifest as periods of time where I'm not hustling for the race. 

I'm not everybody, though. Many people find a great deal of inspiration from others, including on social media, and luckily we at ENDracing HQ have kept track of race coverage over the years. Here are three proven ways to get motivated to get up and go:

1. Check out some photos


2. Read race reports


3. Watch race and adventure videos




*99% of the photos from our races were shot by Wes Peck, an awesome guy who does it for love of practicing his hobby. At some point in the distant past, he roped his family into helping out with the races, and they've been with us ever since. If you see Wes or Carmen around town or at any of the races, please give them a high five.

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