Revision of Grand Forks Winter Series from Fri, 01/11/2013 - 22:07

Need a reason to stay active all winter?  Need a reason to get outside?  You've got it!  Welcome to the Grand Forks Winter Series! Here's how it works:

Racers will get points based on participation and results in three events, the Frozen Feat (5K/10K run), the Bikecicle (winter bike race), and the BeMobile Iceman Triathlon.  Because Frozen Feat and Bikecicle take place on the same day, racers will get points for their best result in either race.  Racers completing both races will get bonus points.  The points schedule is as follows:


Score in each event is multiplied by the weight.  Series score is based on best performances in events with a maximum weight of 4.  Racers competing in races with weight sums greater than 4 will count only hightest scores for a total of 4 weight.  Example 1:  A racer finishes 3rd in the

5K, 6th in the Long Course, and 4th on a relay team.  The racer 

has a total event weight of 4 and so will count all their scores:  8 for the 5K, 10 (5 with weight of 2) for the Long Course, and 7 for the relay for a total score of 25.  Example 2:  A racer gets 8th in the 10K and 5th in the Yeti.  The racer has a total event weight of 5 (3 for yeti and 2 for the 10K), but their highest point total comes from the Triathlon.  Their score for the triathlon is 18.  They only have a weight of one remaining and so will take only 3 points from the 10K for a total of 21 points.  Example 3:  A racer gets 5th in both the 10 K and the Long Course.  They have a total event weight of 4 and score 12 for each event (6 with weight of 2), so recieve a series score of 24.  Got it?  Questions?  Feel free to email em in and we'll try to make it clear.