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October 29 2016, Arvilla ND

Race Summary

The Extreme North Dakota Twelve hOur Mountain Bike of Enduring Delirium - it's our annual epic halloween themed bike race.  Taking place in Turtle River State Park, the riders will ride solo or as part of a relay team to try to get in as many laps as possible in 12 hours.  The course has lots of windy single track, some fast double track, and even a smidgen of road riding (which you'll be loving by the end!).  There is warm place to chill out and get cozy between laps by the fire.  

Although there are hardcore bikers that show up and some good competition, there's also a pretty fun and casual atmosphere - racer-chosen music pumping at the finish of every lap, lots of kids hanging out and cheering on the racers, great volunteers, hidden halloween candy on the course, and a few spooky sections (especially if you're lucky enough to do a lap after dark!) to get you in the Halloween spirit.  

Two Ways to Race

Zombie: Race solo for 12 hours to get the most number of laps of the course.

Skeleton Army: Race with a team of up to four people for 12 hours, alternating laps.


Date: October 29 2016.  
Zombies and Skeleton Armies race 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Cap: Race will be limited to 120 total riders.
  Dec 1-Feb 1 Feb 2-Oct 3 Oct 4-Oct 29
Zombie $50 $60 $70
Skeleton Army $25 per person $30 per person $35 per person

Youth (still under 18 on race day) save 50% during online registration.
Online registration will close at 11:59 PM Wednesday. See course book for information about registering after that.

Location: Turtle River State Park, near Arvilla, ND.  You will need to purchase a day pass ($5) or have an annual ND State Park pass on your vehicle to enter.  Turtle River State Park has changed the classification of certain trails in the park this year, so please pay attention to signage when training and ride only where mountain bikes are allowed.
Map of course (subject to change).  Do not ride on the section marked OFF LIMITS until race day.
Entry Includes:  A stellar course, prizes for top finishers, and a meal for all racers (served during and after race).  
Categories: Male and Female Zombie, Male, Female, and Coed 2 person Skeleton Army, Male and Coed 3/4 person Skeleton Army.  We'll also have prizes for best costume, fastest lap, and if enough riders are riding them - best fat bike placing.  FYI - in 2012 the whole thing was won by a fat-biker!
Scoring:  Zombies and Skeleton Armies are first ranked based on the number of laps completed (in under 12 hours) and then by the time in which the last lap was completed.  Depending on conditions, 100 miles is a pretty hardcore benchmark to shoot for. A gravel grinder this isn't!
Refund Policy: Sorry, there are no refunds of your registration fee if the race happens.  In event of severe weather, a modified course may be offered on the same day or an alternate date chosen.  Registered racers unable to make the new date would be offered credit towards another ENDracing event in an amount equal to 75% of the registration cost.  If the event is cancelled entirely due to weather or natural disaster, all registered racers will receive the 75% credit.  In the extremely unlikely event that the event is cancelled for other reasons (lack of participant numbers, for example), full refunds will be provided, of course.
Other Details: This event forms part of the entry requirement into the Undead Hall of Fame.  In order to achieve Undead Hall of Fame status a racer must complete 100 miles in END-TOMBED and then 50 miles (on foot) during END-TRAILS the following day.  Good luck.  You're going to need it.
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All profits from this event - and all ENDracing events - will help support Ground Up Adventures, a local North Dakota non-profit dedicated to bringing adventure to the region's youth and larger communities.