2012 END-SPAR final update and course book

Stamina, teamwork, and even some light lifting may be required

First off all, any last minute updates will be provided via facebook, so make sure to 'Like' us if you haven't already.  You can link to our facebook page via the facebook button on this website.

Secondly - points are being hung tomorrow and the course vetted on friday.  In the interest of fairness, please stay on paved roadways in both Turtle River State Park and Larimore Recreation area until race day!

The one mystery challenge that has been 'leaked' on our facebook page a few days ago might not have reached everyone - so if you haven't heard, you might want to research the counter-balance bear hang method.  And maybe even find a tree and give it a whirl.

Lastly, the COURSE BOOK is now available to read.  Have fun.  See you soon!


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