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I have to tell you that as a small, local, barebones, volunteer dependent race organization we're truly blessed.  And while this blessing extends to many areas of race facilitation, I want to draw particular attention to how it applies to the media we get out of our events.

In short, our photographers and videographers rock - no question.

check out the following video from a big California AR crew (look at their starting line up!  woo hoo!) - these guys have some serious backing and in my opinion aren't capturing the energy nearly as well as the vids in the previous post do.  And then compare some of the photos taken and the resulting slideshow from a recent event put on by one of the biggest and best East Coast race organizations (Bonk Hard racing) to the Brady's iceman set which we recently added to the END-IT page. and don't even get me started on what Caylan Van Larson can do behind a lens.....

I'm not saying these other organizations suck and we're awesome - only trying to give a special thanks to the folks who have so expertly captured the energy and spirit of what we're trying to do.

Photographers - you're the guy on the bottom.  I'm the guy on the top giving you a big manly hug.  [photo by Brady Hanson]


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Submitted by Scott (not verified) on Wed, 03/23/2011 - 20:56

I have to say your videos are really top notch for sure. I'd like to make videos like that, but I just don't have those creative skills. The quality of photos is really important if you want them to look good. Most of the time a digital SLR will give anyone really good looking results. The key to each though is really getting deep in the action. That is where your photogs and video guys really excel. Getting down and dirty, showing close ups with a wide angle lens really pulls in the viewers. When I shot for the DS and the Herald, the main criteria was to make sure you got good faces. Expressions create a human interest and really draw in the viewer and help them relate. If a photographer is afraid to get close up and in their faces... the viewer will not relate. It's nice to see close ups, clean backgrounds, and good action. Anything else is just boring. And you need good music for the video. I couldn't even watch that first one the music sucked so bad!

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