Preliminary Course Notes

Time to start getting excited/scared/sign-up/think of excuses to wimp out.  below are some notes about the course after my google maps work today, as posted on the facebook site. 

regarding END-SPAR: Well, i just finished planning the course! there will be some tweaks as i actually go out in the field, but i'm super psyched already. 10 mandatory CP's and 15 optional ones, similar to past races. Lots of epic nastyness in store for everyone.

A few things to note -

1) you will be able to complete the mandatory points with very little if any technical biking (which is good... because the trails might be a huge mess), but for those aiming to get all the optiona CP's you'll be riding some trails.
2) You are going to get wet if you want to go fast. And it will probably happen within the first 15 minutes of the race. know how to stay warm and prepare accordingly (changes of clothes, etc).
3). Although the packrafting section is optional, there is another new section this year - the 'river walk' section. teams going for the optional CP's in this section will need to have pfd's so even if you're planning on skipping the packraft section you might want to scare up some lifejackets.
4). There will be three optional challenges offered at one of the TA's, each worth one CP. here are some hints - practice building a fire, read about camping with bears, start lifting weights.
5). Practice, practice, practice navigation! Or pay one of our veteran teams so they'll let you follow them. or better yet, pay them to teach you how to navigate. Beer might serve as a substitute for actual payment.
6) Depending on how things go, we might extend the scope of the race allowing for 7-8 hours of racing instead of 6 so more teams can have more fun.

Scared yet? (;


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Submitted by ENDracing (not verified) on Tue, 03/13/2012 - 08:36

steve - just need the name of your other team member. Jim - i don't want to give away too many details, but i can tell you that you won't be required to carry your boats the whole time like in the 24 hour race. if you are planning to packraft you'll drop your boat at a predetermined location the morning of the race. If you get to that location with enough time you will be able to choose to do the packraft leg which will require, at the end, about a 3/4 mile run/walk back to the boat drop carrying the raft. Racers will reach this spot about a third to half of the way into the race and be returning a couple of times, depending on their choices. this is the only 'drop' location where racers will be allowed to leave stuff. we will provide more details about how this all works and what can be left, etc closer to the race date.

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