Preview - Looking Forward!

Here's a quick preview of the upcoming END-AR.  No big spoilers - but we hope everyone is getting excited for this Saturday!  Don't forget to show up Friday night for the check-in and clinic (4-7PM @ Northern Heights Rock Gym, if you can). 

Some more reminders:

Gear you may be forgetting:

  • Hand paddles for the packraft - more details in the packrafting post (below)
  • Eye protection - there's some brushy and bushwhacky sections (as expected) - bring some shades or hardware-store goggles if you hate sunglasses to keep the sticks, twigs, mud, and teammate's blood out of your eyes.
  • Sun & Bug protection - you won't know you need it until you wish you had it.  Nothing worse than finishing last and sunburned (and bugbitten).

Course and Rule Update:

  • Teams are allowed a small carry-on size bag full of food, clothing, (etc) that will be placed at a transition area about halfway through.  This bag is neither mandatory nor necessary but may be nice for teams looking for ways to slow down in transition areas. 


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