Dakota Harvest Bakery

Dakota Harvest Bakery, or DHB as we affectionately call them, deserves a special shout out from ENDracing.  These guys are a small local bakery and coffee shop (Local=Best as far as we're concerned) that has really become a part of the Grand Forks community in general, and more specifically the ENDracing community.  Paul Holje and his staff have been huge supporters of our grass-roots efforts since the beginning, and continue to provide thousands of dollars of donations of amazing food at each event.  There is no way we could put together races that rival all the big budget ones out there without their help.  The importance of their involvement - and the involvement of other generous like minded local and national businesses - to what we're trying to do simply cannot be overstated. 
And we're happy to announce that DHB will once again be providing the 'mid race' meal for END-TOMBED.  Thanks guys - we can't say it enough!

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